Thursday, November 5, 2009

All about echa

Today is a day dedicated to AH.. dari celik mata sampai ke malam. and as a show of support from me as well as from her abah, i took leave from work.

Its AH's graduation day. yes, these days you see F5 graduation ceremonies everywhere.. unlike my time when high school was simply, just another chapter that we went through. this will actually be the 3rd graduation i've attended here at smk s9 bcos all my children are 'niners' as they like to call themselves. and with a couple of years between each ceremony the changes are quite obvious.

During AF's time it was very much simpler i.e. there were no robes or fancy rituals.. the students were individually called onto the stage & handed their graduation & leaving school certs. but that didnt make it any less meaningful for the students or the parents bcos the commitment showed by the teachers were both sincere & heartfelt. then came AI's turn. by now the robes were in place and the ceremony more elaborate but thankfully, the happy smiling faces remained just as innocent, just as hopeful.

Today the school outdid itself. there was a point in time when i wasnt sure where i was lol!! the children were indeed replendescent in deep red but the teachers & dignitaries made quite an entrance when they walked into the hall in a slow procession, complete in robe & mortar board!!

From then on the ceremony was a mini replica of a university graduation. taken to such extremes, i'm not quite sure how i really feel about the whole thing.

From the onset, parents were warned NOT to take pics during the ceremony bcos a photographer had been specifically engaged for that purpose.

AH went on stage twice. she was also the recipient of anugerah lencana kecemerlangan perak (7As/6As) for her achievement in the spm trials. a little regretful perhaps that she didnt push herself hard enough to get the gold.

Its ok darling.. spm nanti pulun habis2an :D

AH's class - 5 sc. 1, 2009

AH with Mahen (who is hunching down to AH's height lol) & Ananth - obviously children dont care squat about colour or anything else, thank god.

My sweetie pie :)

AH with BF, who also happens to be a friend of AI's

.. and with BF's mom & bro, who also happens to be a friend of AH's (aaah.. its rather complicated lol)

These little notes were handed out to each student after the ceremony. listed were qualities found most prominent by fellow classmates.

AH had a running nose when she woke up this morning but by mid afternoon it developed into a fever. although her temperature wasnt that high, she was tired enough to completely conk out after the graduation. i let her rest because later in the day the school had scheduled a solat hajat & yasin session at the school surau. both students & parents were invited. so with her sound asleep, i took the opportunity to bake some cookies.. cookies that could be shared with her friends at the surau.

Kids love cookies so i made them a huge batch lol

AH left for the surau around 5.30pm because there was a motivational ceramah slotted for the students. parents were expected to be there for the solat maghrib & isya berjemaah followed by yassin & solat hajat. all in all, the turn out wasnt too shabby.. although it goes without saying that its mostly the usual faces that you see at the PIBG meetings or the other school related functions.

After the solat jemaah & yassin, it was time to ask for the cikgu's forgiveness & blessings

Downstairs there was moreh waiting.. and with it a bunch of giddy teenagers lol.

By the time it was over, AH was craving for something hot & something cold..huh?! without wasting any time we made our way to the loving it place.. heheh McD was my best bet for the something hot & something cold request lol. boy for someone who's sick & stressed out, my lil gal can certainly eat hehehe ;)

We finally made our way home, stuffed & ready to just climb into bed & zzZZZZzzzzz :D

Congratulations baby.. and good luck from both mama & abah!!


Oldstock said...

Best of luck to AH in the SPM exams. She'll do very well, insyaallah.

Justiffa said...

Thank u oldstock.. i'll past in on to her :)

Insyallah, harap2 macam tu la.. semoga anak2 kita semua berjaya :D

pakmat said...

..salam justi...
..parents see reflections of their youth in their children..and i'm sure you see yours in hers..she's lucky in having a mother as supportive as you..go easy on that "masa mama dulu..." :)
..'efficient' in English?..shouldn't it be proficient?..:)
..have a nice day, justi..

Justiffa said...

Pakmat the 'masa mama dulu2' thing tak laku dengan budak2 zaman sekarang, its more like a fairy tale to them.. they cannot relate bcos the times are so different :)

I try to be as supportive as i can but i do draw the line at being 'best friends'.. a mom needs to be a mom; she's there not only to catch you when you fall but she's also there to 'piat/piut' your telinga when you're doing something wrong hehehe.

Ha ah kan, i was wondering about that too. but i guess the teacher stayed with 'efficient' to keep the comments authentic kot.. just as the students wrote it. dunno.