Monday, November 2, 2009

A glimpse of the past

Once upon a time i was a runner... who, believe it or not, actually won races ;)

Primary 6, 1973

Green House with house masters: Cikgu Rosli & Cikgu Saman
Abu Bakar Primary School, Mentakab.


Once upon a time he was a headboy.. who later became the father of my children :D

Sek. Men. Hamzah, Machang - 1975/76


jus call me ida.. said...

wow.. really2 old pic...
salam perkenalan!

Oldstock said...


I can see a parallel here. The missus was a sprinter in primary school. The running genes passed down to our youngest son. Sekarang ni, missus dah takleh lari lagi dah. Nak jalan pun ada sikit problem (inflammed knee joint).

I was a head boy too, but in primary school.

How's that for similarity?

Justiffa said...

Ida.. welcome, salam perkenalan back at u :) and yes these pics are ancient.... like me hehehe ;D

Justiffa said...

Oldstock - well whaddaya know.. sama tapi tak serupa ;)

Woosh, sakit lutut mmg menyusahkan, knees being such an integral part of movement.. hafta know one's limit.

But.. petang2 masih bole santai-walking bersama2 kan ;)

pakmat said...

..salam that you??hmm still sporting the same hairdo in NY..and could not sprint fast enough to get by him, hey..?

Anonymous said...


mmmmm.... i have simila photos too, of ambik hadiah, should i post them?

head boy rupanya, hahahaha.... padanlah kat asb dia lanyak semua oramg, hahahaha..



Justiffa said...

Yes dear pakmat that IS me many many eons ago hehehe. n what to do, rambut dah mmg keriting camtu dulu kini.. & selamanye la kot :)

Where he is concern, i suddenly forgot how to sprint la pakmat ;)

Justiffa said...

DS - would love to see ur old pics, mesti mcm budak nakal ekekeh.. the likes of dennis the menace perhaps? ;D