Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tears in my eyes

.. and contrary to what you're thinking, it had nothing to do with my beloved ;)

Cikgu was going about the house looking a lot like a lost puppy, sangap beyond measure that his gamemates (namely AI & AH) were both unavailable for a 'killing spree' - AI had gone to klcc to celebrate a friend's birthday (and probably another round of new moon) while AH had gone back to her books (both biology & manga, with a stress on the manga).

AI's ongoing obsession with the fanged ones

AH's fascination with mangas - currently dengeki daisy

When the boys decided to pool together their resources for an xbox 360, cikgu was the one who'd forked up the major portion of the share. and whenever he is home, his time is spent holed up in their room nuking anything that moved. gaming is a passion, an all time stress buster.

Pitying the poor sod, i halfheartedly offered to play (or at least try to bcos for the record, i didnt even know how the controller works) fully expecting him to laugh & decline. well, i must've underestimated his level of desperation bcos he suddenly got all excited and agreed lol.

[My dear Lord.. what had i gotten myself into *bangs head on wall*]

Before i knew it we were well on the way of getting me my own personalized avatar (abe i'll be making one for u too k lol) which turned out pretty cute lol. then he left me to fiddle around with the controller just so i'd get the 'feel' of things. i started with simple stuff like zuma (which i found rather thereupatic), feeding frenzy (i dont think i find getting fat, even as a fish, much fun), and mission something or other.

Then we tried a real coop game together - fable 2. its slow paced and kind to the sluggish responses of a first timer makcik lol. but it wasnt for me. too fairytale-ish.

So we tried another game, assault heroes, and 5 seconds into the game we both knew we'd be having a whale of a time after all!!!!

My initiation to mindless frenzied shooting ;D

OMG it had me laughing so hard tears came to my eyes.. which weasnt a good thing bcos i couldnt see where i was going or what i was shooting!!! but we were screaming away at the funny tanks and even funnier arab tribe swarming the beach (arabs? forget about being rationale lol).

Hehehe.. its a long ways yet for me to proceed beyond the arcade level but who knows, one of these days you'll see me gunning zombies yet ;)

[See abe.. the things i do w/out you around ekekekeh!!]


chakry said...

heh, i've been good. busy, but good. no stable internet connection in seremban la! :)

but im back for my study break now! i need to see izzat. tis been too long!

Justiffa said...

Hey my favourite murse!!! singgah la kat rumah bebila pun xpe.. ijat's home most of the time anyway.

And yes its been tooo long indeed :D