Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Smokin' hot

It was a very muted popping sound that woke me up. a little disoriented i thought it was part of a dream. but just to make sure, i flicked the curtains aside for a cursory look, half expecting to see nothing but the black nite staring back at me.

But not this time. bcos this time there was a raging fire outside my window. the time was 4.27am.

As i watched incredulously, there were more popping sounds and even in the safety of my room, i automatically braced myself. it was a natural response, i was starting to feel a little scared. what the hell was burning out there?

Running downstairs i knocked on AI's door. my son wasnt asleep even though it was 4 in the morning (sheesh the vampire generation). after another look, we both agreed that it was probably the neighbour's car and decided to go out for a better view.

There was nobody around even though the fire was now high enough to reach the power lines. just when i was about to run back and start making calls, the police arrived. help was on the way, thank god.

My greatest fear was the possibility of a bigger explosion. one that involved the gas tank or something.

The bomba team arrived not long after that and managed to put the fire out in no time. alhamdulillah.

The scene outside my house.

The fire finally doused by the firemen.

By then there was a small gathering of neighbours and we were all wondering the same thing, how on earth did the fire start?

Did the car self ignite? was that even possible?

Could it have been a short circuit of sorts? I've heard of a citroen doing that but a savvy?

They did find suspicious looking bottles at the scene so could it have been foul play?

Why would anyone do such a thing? what could've been the motive?

All the csi wannabes (me included) were a-buzz with questions. when something unexpected & unexplainable happens, the need to know is strong in all of us.

Bcos whatever happens to others can so easily happen to us.

But there definitely wasnt going to be any answers this morning. that would've to wait until our able policemen & their team of experts start investigating. we'll just leave it to the professionals.

Haaish.. now that the excitement's over, pening la pulok ;)

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