Sunday, November 15, 2009


.. dengan gelagat anak2 :)

Kiddoes a couple of years back.

Having all the kids home is always such a joy.. sekejap kamceng, sekejap gaduh, sekejap ngendeng, sekejap ngutuk lol. macam2 ada, ngalahkan astro.

Cikgu's home at the request of a close friend. he's leaving for haj this 18th and wanted to lepak & bermanja (read: lawan xbox sampai pagi) with the cikgu before he leaves. the thing with the 'niner' kids, they're extremely close bcos they grew up together from primary school up to secondary school. this is made possible bcos srk seksyen 9 & smk seksyen 9 was once part of the 'sinar' school concept where both primary & secondary schools are built in the same compound.

And not only are the students close, so are the moms!! 11 years is a long time & we get to watch the kids blossom right before our very eyes. in many cases, it also involves siblings and that time frame is extended accordingly. take the case of AH's bf & us for example.. his eldest sister and AF used to be form-mates. he & AI go way back to primary school and AH is the same age as his bro. they are all niners and we're talking about a time span of more than 18 years!

Anyway, with the cikgu home the house tend to resemble a mini cyber cafe lol. friends come and go and theres never a quiet moment. AI's buddies on the other hand, are a little less rowdy but they're seldom around bcos they prefer going out to the movies & mall-hopping. but its still an overpoweringly male zone.. but at least this weekend AH has her cousins over for a sleepover so that sorta balances things out a bit lol.

Saturday saw me attending a cousin's doa selamat.. she's also going for haj. bcos i hadnt the faintest idea where her new house is, cikgu installed the garmin thingy on my nokia so that i could use the gps. mmg jadi senang except that when its in the annoying "recalculating.. recalculating" mode you just hafta be patient lol. the tazkirah was ok, the food was overflowing and in the end, i turned into an 'ular sawa' tergolek kekenyangan lol. mana taknye, dah la badan penat lari 8k pagi tu, ni pulak makan sekenyang2 nye ekekeh!!

Too lazy to even think of cooking for the bunch of ravenous kids waiting for me at home, i took the easy way out by stopping at kfc & pizza hut. hah, senang cerita ;)

Sunday morning saw more of the same. knowing the kids would be late getting up, i took my time at the tasik. after the usual 40 plus mins of aerobics at the dataran, i opted for a 4k run just to increase my mileage. seronok lari on sunday, you get to see a lot of fresh new faces along with the regulars but be mindful of young children who can unexpectedly get in your way. i almost fell once bcos of such a thing.

Making a quick stopover at tesco's, i had enough stuff to feed a small army hehehe. on the menu today - fish curry, grilled kambing, mixed vege & eggs.

Heh.. there's bread & goober just in case anyone wanted breakfast. otherwise theres just brunch lol :D

So if i can settle AF's stuff as quickly as i can.. then i can just as quickly settle down to a good book.

Aaaaah.. weekends. why do they have to end? ;p

Workout Log
Sat - 8k/55mins/TSA
Sun - Med pace aerobics/40mins/DSA & 4k/30mins/TSA

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