Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another long day

2nd day and its another tight schedule for AH.

But at least tomorrow there'll just be EST thank god. that'll give her some breathing space (and me, some peace of mind..anak yang exam mama yang stress lol).

Last night i tried out a new fitness place in seksyen 7. ooh its been there for quite awhile.. but its new to me :) a ladies only fitness centre and its ok i guess, nothing fancy but suits the purpose. we had a 30 mins aerobics segment followed by 30 mins strengthening & toning. RM10 for a 1-hour workout.. not bad. maybe i'll stick around.

Before this, i was going to aerobic classes at the stadium but although its nearer to my place, that route to seksyen 13 has a tendency to clog up with the evening traffic so i stopped going. there's also another option nearer to home, the akuatik/msn group, but i found out their time just wasnt flexible enough.

I can always sweat it out at the KSAS gym but it gets pretty lonely being on my own so much thus this need for some 'pack' action lol.

And to family & friends who are waiting anxiously for the release of the UPSR results today.. insyallah ok tu & congrats in advance :D

Workout Log
Wed - PM/60 mins aerobics/NRG

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