Thursday, November 5, 2009

Prefects nite 09

Prior to the graduation, AH attented the last of her prefects dinner.

She became a prefect in her first year. following in the footsteps of her brother AI, AH's reasoning was simple.. she didnt want to be out done by her bro, no way. if he could collect all those certs so could she lol

Earlier she was assigned to buy momentoes for the treachers attending the function. flowers would just wilt & die so she came up with teddy's-on-a-stick :)

Cute little buggers arent they lol?!!

For the past couple of days she & her friends had been practising on a song to be performed by the F5 seniors.. AH was to provide accompaniment by playing the guitar.

As spm candidates, they would soon be leaving all of this behind and of course with the laughter & excitement there was also a little sadness.. after all they'd been together helping each other out in carrying out their duties, sometimes appreciated often misunderstood. overall AH reports that the dinner was a little subdued bcos the headmistress isnt really the type to let her 'hair down'.. dare i say she's a party pooper?

Surprisingly AH was nominated the best dressed girl, shocking her to no end. to suit the red & black theme, little did they realise that she was wearing an old kimono, one she'd had since she was 10 and which is now short enough to become a jacket lol!! it was probably the black leather boots that cinched the deal ;)

A cute coin box for being best dressed.

It actually ended rather early and i was there to pick her up before 11pm.

Another chapter closed. prefect duty ends today for the F5s.

p.s. Abe, sorry it took a while but here's the update on our daro as promised :D


pakmat said...

..salam justiffa..
..reminiscing your life through your daughter's, justi..?..and it will not be too long now before she will try out her wings and leave the nest..better be prepared for the day..:)
..have a nce day, jdbb..

Justiffa said...

W'salam pakmat.. they say we'll always stay young (at least at heart)when we have children & i guess thats bcos we get another chance at reliving our youth with them :)

Alaaa pakmat dont we all dread the day that they would leave us? knowing as we do just how cruel the world can be? but when that day comes i will try my very best to rejoice and wish her a blessed & meaningful journey.

Deep in her heart she would also know that i will be here for her always :D