Friday, October 30, 2009

Of guitars

.. and setting free the music in your heart.

Its the second day today that i've had to send AH's guitar to school. she's not allowed to bring it in during school hours yet as a prefect preparing for prefect's nite, she's expected to practice with the rest of her group.

Not willing to let down requests from friends, she puts on those puppy eyes and asks me oh ever so sweetly - could i pretty please menapak the many tangga up to her class or language lab and pass her the guitar?

Hehehe.. she knows i'm putty when it comes to those puppy eyes ;)

It was only recently that we had the strings replaced at mahogany section 9. its a very convenient place with extremely helpful people in attendance. now AH somehow prefers electric guitar strings for her acoustic guitar.. probably because its kinder to her small fingers. not so keras it seems but i dunno since i'm not a guitar player, just the paymaster lol.

And while we were there i did manage to ask for some advice regarding an upgrade. her almost 6 year old black TGM is certainly looking the worse for wear and is probably due for a replacement. maybe not now but some time in the future, preferably after spm. and surprisingly the guy stringing AH's guitar (who also happens to be an instructor there) recommended a takamine.

[pic from the www.. probably not the same model we saw]

Obviously i've never heard of it. i never even realised there're other japanesse guitar makers apart from yamaha (so much for my music know how lol). and it doesnt come cheap either.. no siree. the low end models are priced at around RM750, while made in japan ones can start from RM3,000 (he was nice enough to let AH try out one priced at RM1,500).

Whoosh.. thats a lot of RMs.

Need some input from my bros. definitely something to discuss after spm... way way after spm ;D

Abe - everything's sorta settled for now. i can pass over AF's roadtax now that he's back & we'll be changing his tyres first thing tomorrow insyallah.
AF - heh cikgu, glad to have you home to peluk2 la ;)
AI - chill la yang.. things happen for us to ponder & learn from.
AH - since the party's this weekend dont i owe you a 'dress' or something?


pakmat said...

salam justiffa..your daughter into guitars?? something along the line of Yuna and Zee Avi?.. :)(yes..this coot also listen to contemporary music..but quietly in his room..loved Bitter Heart)..I like that..she deserved all the encouragement in the world..and good guitars are not cheap but worth it for their tonal quality..try malaysian made at

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Justiffa, good for her learning the guitar.
Motivate her....she'll be good one day soon.
I have a 36 year old Victor Garcia Flamenco guitar that I fool around with sometimes.
Justiffa, bila senang, drive over in your Merceds to my place.

There's something for you, *wink*, Lee.

Justiffa said...

Pakmat.. my kids main guitar on their own, turning to friends & the internet for pointers :) si abang is more into electric guitars while si daro prefers acoustic. yes, she sometimes listen to yuna but not zee avie.. her taste in music is rather eclectic ;) and tq i will check out the url you suggested.

Justiffa said...

Uncle Lee.. waaaa i love the dress you 'reserved' for me la, how did you guess i'm the simple black & white type?!!

Hehehe thanks for bringing a smile to my day *huge grin*

Take care uncle lee and warmest regards from me & my daughter :D

Anonymous said...


buy the guitar, maybe after spm? sofia is taking flute now. i thought the guitar would be better but if it is flute that she wants, the flute she gets.

on the young uns' driving, just pray hard and endlessly and lots of advise to go along with that.


Anonymous said...

oh my god, leg warmers, leg warmers......... been along time since i have seen leg warmers!!!!! knew someone who was so proud and crazy of her leg warmers.......

Justiffa said...

DS.. for now, she'll just hafta make do with her ole faithful ;)

Sofia's into flutes eh? me & AA was thinking of taking up the drums.. the electronic kind where you can adjust the volume (so that the neighbours dont complain la hehehe).

Ha ah, doa yg berterusan utk anak2 kita ya!!

Justiffa said...

DS.. whats with the legwarmers? ur secret fetish or something hehehe ;)