Thursday, October 29, 2009

Young drivers

Inexperience? careless? reckless? plain unlucky?


Or maybe all of the above?

Whatever it is dude thats twice already.. and honestly, i now hesitate to let you drive my car. bukan mama tak bersyukur you got out of this mishap without a scratch but the question is, was it something that could have been avoided in the first place?

Driving is serious business.. anyone who thinks otherwise should have their licence revoked (and sentenced to a lifetime of public transport). its not just about moving from point a to point b. once you hit the road, you're out there risking your own life as well as others so you better stay focused. of course accidents can happen even when you've tried your darnedest to be careful but the key word here is 'tried'. you cant go around partially distracted.. fiddling with audio or visual devices, taking & making calls and the worse of the lot, sms'ing!!

Theres no 2-ways about it.. we need all our faculties alert & ready.

Just about everyone can become a hell-driver or a speed demon. all you need to do is floor the pedal to the metal and thats it. but its crisis handling thats the issue here, the what ifs - what if the tyres burst, what if the dude brakes, what if the lorry swerves, what if i hit a pothole or an oil slick or.. what if, what if, what if? are you ready and able to handle it?

Nobody can anticipate the unexpected but when you decide to put yourself in a position of risk, have at least enough driving experience under your belt (and i'm not talking about GTA here). bcos once you're behind the wheel you'll be undertaking a series of calculated risks, be it big or small. and management of risk requires experience.. knowledge alone isnt enough bcos there are just too many variables on the road.

Until and unless you have enough experience, do not take any unnecessary risk!!

Haaaish anak.. you gotta be more careful la. you must've been in quite a rush to park for a concrete column to have caused that much damage.

[abe tenguk je la anak2 kita ni.... pening mama]

Latest update: due to the extent of the repairs necessary to get the satria going again (and the RMs required) AI will have to do without any of the previous skirtings.. its back to basics ;)

Workout Log
AM - 4km/26min/TSA


Ordinary Superhero said...

Haiyo.....quite bad it seems. The greatest challenge is to make sure the kids learn their lesson. Sabar mama ye.

pakmat said...

salam justiffa..let me guess..hit a column in a parking lot?..carelessness could caused that..but what's done cannot be undone..they will my son did when he broke a femur after a car hit him..parents usually suffered for their children..weeks in hospital must have taught him something..things that I cannot impressed upon him with my harangue..but you are lucky..only the car needs repair..

Justiffa said...

Aduhai OS bayangkan how shocked i was to see the damage!! langgar tiang sampai camtu, mesti laju giler. anak2 ni memang la kena banyak bersabar OS..mcm2 perangai :)

Justiffa said...

Pakmat.. tu la dia, terkocoh2 agaknye nak periksa. he was about to sit for the 1st paper of his finals. theres no excuse for carelessness but i didnt have the heart to nag considering he needed to be relatively calm for his paper. i just hope the incident has taught him at least something..

Kita doakan saje la yg terbaik utk anak2 kita ni pakmat :)

Ms Lavendar said...

Wow. Janganlah. Better to be safe than sorry.

Justiffa said...

Salam Ms lavender/ailin.. i totally agree with u :)