Thursday, October 15, 2009

Big bash

..and hopefully the last for this syawal.

Today the Jamuan Raya Perdana at my jabatan was done in a big way - instead of the usual venue (office lobby), 'gerai/warungs' were put up in a chosen location (much like the convo food stalls i used to be part of back during my student days) and each section had their own designated 'food/menu' to prepare.

My section was in charge of desserts and so we pooled together all our raya cookies (or what was left of it lol), added 4 choc cakes all moist & chocolatey, made all manners of puddings, cupcakes, tapai pulut, rojak buah and last but not least, ais kerim malaysia all colours of the rainbow :)

There were 8 warongs in all and everyone was in high spirits... a break from work is always welcomed and being rowdy once in a while is good for the system lol. there was aneka satay, aneka mee, hot-from-the-wok char kueh teow, nasi kampung, keropok lekor, drinks hot & cold (cendol included) and my own all time personal fav, roasted leg of lamb yummy :D

And there was also the matter of the 'best gerai' title that was up for grabs.

We went for the nusantara look again this year (with certain adjustments) so there were lots of kain batik lepas & bakul anyam & pahar as part of the deco. someone even ventured into the belukar of her kampung for some bamboo stalks to complete the look!! Lady Boss has rather high expectations of her anak buah so we were all driven to put up something presentable.

Well, she ended up plenty happy. turns out the judges still liked the natural look and chose us as the best gerai, again (we also won last year). which in turn made us plenty relieved.. at least our hard work didnt come to naught ;p

But its actually not such a good thing to be surrounded by so much food. it usually ends up with a whole lot of wastage. the kind that openly invites the wrath of God to fall upon our heads. pembaziran tahap gaban. excesses... again.

And i would also have it known that i've put on 3kgs since raya - 1 kg of which i can sign off as fluids, while the other 2 has definitely become a 'solid' part of me.. and not so easily dimissed.


I so need to run.


Oldstock said...

That's the unique thing about orang Melayu menyambut raya... memang pulun sebulan habis. When I was working in a large statutory corporation many years back, I was active in a marhaban group. Many staff members would invite us to their houses and the program for the month of Syawal was almost packed. Every few days, there would be a house to go to and of course, makan macam tak ingat dunia.

Looking back now, I think a lot of it was quite wasteful.

Anonymous said...


ada last minute makan bash lagi? ok, burn the track around the tasik then...



Anonymous said...

JT I'm glad it's coming to an end. :)

Justiffa said...

Oldstock - yup.. wasteful as well as waist-full ekekekeh ;)

DS - belum brkesempatan (or rather belum brsemangat) to trail a blaze (cewah konon hehehe) round the tasik ;) gotta start and soon!!!

Haza my am i!!!!!