Monday, October 12, 2009

Assessing the damage

How can something so meaningful be swept away without that much of a fight? how come the lessons learnt and re-learnt again and again not leave a permanent mark on the soul?

Why is there even a need to assess damage in the first place?

Tak tau la. ramadhan datang & pergi. although each year we eagerly await its return, we seem to let it go just as easily. before we know it, we're already back to our old ways and all the good that we had painstakingly gathered escape our grasp effortlessly... like fine sand passing through our fingers, nothing is left behind except the gritty feel of its existence.

Maybe the blame lies in mankind's pact mentality. its just so much easier to go with the flow than to put up any resistance. we conveniently forget what we're supposed to do in the face of the overwhelming majority. and its also so much harder to do good bcos God will then test our sincerity. di mana sebenarnya tahap kejujuran & kesungguhan kita? kepura-puraan berada dimana saja.. it might be residing in the deepest darkest corner of our hearts without us even realising it so we need to constantly take stock. HE weeds out the good from the bad. thats what HE does bcos jannah is, after all, not promised to everyone.

But however hard i try to rationalise it all out, the fact still remains that i'm already spiralling downwards.

I need to put the brakes on.

The excesses have to end. syawal wasnt meant to be a month of non-stop celebration.

Abe - good luck with THE towkey :D
AF - i overslept la yang even thru the din of the alarm.. sorry.
AI - i know you're excited about your mac and all, but isnt your schedule kinda tight these 2 weeks?
AH - daro oh daro... utilise fully the PMR break k.


Ordinary Superhero said...

Agree. Bukan senang nak me-Ramadhan-kan bulan-bulan yang lain. InshaAllah, sama-sama lah kita berusaha.

Justiffa said...


Anonymous said...


yes, simply too much of everything...



Justiffa said...

DS - exactly!! when will we ever learn ek..