Tuesday, October 6, 2009

He's 21

Yup another one of my babies turn 21 today.

Dah besar panjang dah anak mama ni.. in fact his sister calls him galah (among other things lol) since he's turned out to be the tallest in the AA family.

Golfman & AI

Many happy returns of the day darling, semoga dipanjangkan umur dalam keimanan & kesihatan yg terbaik mwaaahh 3x

It so happen that my office had also scheduled a raya bash cum meraikan pengantin today. the new boss is big on social activities for the staff. beyond the usual festivities, farewells & birthday celebrations, we've also been having cooking classes (yup you heard right.. she brought a stove to our kitchenette) during lunchbreak (of which i havent been a part of since i go back home for lunch).

When i was informed about the 'mock wedding' i cant really say i was all that surprised. with the new leadership, anything's possible lol.

But recreating the 'bersanding & menepung tawar' session for the 2 newlyweds from our office wasnt a simple matter. my creative anak2 buah worked their butt off making the office ready for the occasion.. and with such limited resources!!! and with both Pengarah & Timbalan invited, it sure as hell put them in a pressure pot but alhamdulillah it went as well as it possibly could, given the circumstances. kudos to the working team - caya la korang ;)

As for me i was actually quite stumped about what to bring for the potluck. although i was part of the nasi himpit team (a few of us were relegated the duty of 'merebus ketupat plastik'), we were all supposed to bring something of our own. while entertaining the guests i had over last nite, my mind went into overdrive... apa nak bawak ek? the last time we had makan2, i made cheesecake brownies.

Nak goreng pasta.. dont think i have much left.

Nak goreng mee hoon.. mesti tak sedap takde taugeh and such.

Now, if i had enough eggs i could make cream puffs. and fortunate enough for me i had eggs in abundance so cream puffs it was :)

Halfway thru i discovered i was actually out of cornstarch and didnt have that much essence of vanilla either (for the filling) but in the true spirit of 'bantai je', i made do with what i had and alhamdulillah it turned out ok ;D

Phew...lega heheheh.


haza said...

kakak, how to make cream puffs?

Justiffa said...

Very the easy la haza.. tk payah beat or knead, dia puff up sbb pakai telur byk and high heat. check out the recipe kat my cookbook link bole? akak pakai betty crocker punye recipe.. kalau ada q's just holler k :)