Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I love rain. as it pours the air feels that much fresher, the day that much calmer. kalau kat rumah its a good excuse to dive between the sheets with a good book in hand. or on good days when the man is home... well, thats another story altogether.

But today, i have to drive down (or is it up? never could figure out the ups & downs) to klang for a meeting. now klang is not a place i like to go to, not when i'm given a choice. nothing actually wrong with it.. just that i've always considered it a 'serabut' place even back in my student days. a town cleaved into 2 by a river with roads notorious for making me lose my way, even to this very day lol.

Streets of Klang

Little India

My meeting is at 2pm sharp (or so it says on the memo) so thank god AI is home studying for his finals bcos then i dont have to worry about picking up sidaro from school.

Heh.. look at the time!!! with the jam that i'm bound to encounter (it is after all klang) i think i'd better be going -_-'


Oh and btw, a topic about rain wouldnt be complete without rain himself :D

Rain of slick dance moves

.. and even slicker body.

Allow this makcik some eye candy la lol.


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Justiffa, wow! I guess Klang must have changed a lot since I was last there, wayyyyyy back in the late 70s.
Anyway, relax...go practice your Tango, ha ha, *wink*.
By the way, if you not playing golf or practicing your Tango, check out this Canadian made TV sitcom, on Youtube.
Produced and directed by a Canadian Muslim lady, titled, "Little Mosque on the Prairie'.

It is a hilarious show, more popular than our other shows here and even watched by US.
It is about the misunderstandings between Muslims and is pechah perut hilarious.

Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Justiffa said...

Ya lorh uncle lee, klang is no more the sleepy town you remembered. especially now with upgrading works in progress the roads in the middle of town is jammed packed almost 24/7. hopefully by the time they complete it, traffic will flow better.

And thx for the pointer.. will check out the show soonest :)

p.s. i'm also into hip-hop dance moves la uncle lee ;)