Friday, July 30, 2010

She's 18!!

Heh.  its my girl's birthday today.. pejam celik pejam celik dah pun 18 ;D

Pensively waiting beside her sleepy abah

Happy birthday my darling, may your wishes come true <3

Last nite was the farewell dinner for both my pengarah & his deputy. yup both of them will be retiring a few weeks of each other, leaving the dept in a rather precarious 'leaderless' situation.  not really a smart move by the movers & the shakers but i guess it was somehow overlooked.

Speeches by officers involved.

Being quite an insignificant member in the grand scheme of things, i dont normally need to attend such functions but this time i did. from time to time the kelab sukan gives back to its members and the society by way of contributions & awards. and last nite, member's children who had obtained good results for SPM 2009 was acknowledged for academic excellence by the presentation of a certificate & cash incentive. AH was among the lucky few but unfortunately i had to represent her bcos she couldnt make it. it was after all the middle of a work week.

Flowers, certs & cash incentive for AH.

The farewell was simple but well organized considering the frequently changing dates. i'm sure it wasnt easy to find a suitable date convenient to both officers.  our pengarah has always potrayed himself as a quiet, dependable person and his speech was quite poignant, subtle but the message was clear nonetheless.  work as a team and strive towards a common goal.

Golfman met up with a couple of old friends from way back in his college days in itm as well as in nec.  the changes that we see in others will inadvertently cause us to reflect upon the changes in ourselves.. which is a good thing i think bcos we're usually the last ones to realise what we have become LOL.

I guess the food didnt quite agree with the golfman bcos we made a detour instead of going straight home.  a stop for his char kuey teow fix hehehe.

He 'carbo loaded' so we jogged this morning ;D


..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Happy birthday Pendrive!
woops.. i mean.. Pensive. Hehehe..

Just kidding, jgn marah aa. nnti lekas tua.

18 tahun muda remaja,
Usia yang ada jgn disiakan,
Semoga lebih barakah dariNya,
Happy Birthday saya ucapkan.

June Malik said...

nik stole my pantun ! no pantun from me lol .. well my wish is that she will be blessed and looked after by Allah at all times and that she will get that dream of hers :) sedih kan anak2 dah besar panjang and leaving us home and alone? happy 18th sweetie pie ! and oo, you HAVE to bring me to that kuey teow place, looks sooo yummy !

Justiffa said...

Ish ish nakal ek panggil anak akak pendrive.. sedey dia nanti ;p

Aisyah hanis nama diberi
Anak bongsu mama & abah
Oh uncle nik sampainya hati
Bagi nickname ntah pape ntah.

But its ok today's my birthday
Pensive, pendrive kita lupakan
TQ for sending wishes my way
Semoga doa Allah makbulkan.


Justiffa said...

TQ juney :D

Have passed on all the well wishes to the birthday girl.

And whenever you get the craving gf let me know,jom kita pi serang char kueh teow tu hehehe (tapi available malam je.. depa tutup siang).

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Aisyah Hanis indah sekali,
Nama diberi pengganti diri,
Uncle Nik menyusun sepuluh jari,(uncle??)
Memohon ampun dan juga sorry.

Indah sungguh pantun dijual,
Kalau tak beli terasa segan,
Bakat terpendam kini dikenal,
Mari berpantun kita teruskan.

June Malik said...

Aisyah Hanis anak dara tiffa
suka makan dessert truffle
heeh habis saham nik fahusnaza
di sangka abang rupanya uncle :)

Nik King Pirate King Lanun
jaguh lari, kayuh, dan renang
Dia lah juga the King of Pantun
Kita semua ikut belakang ..

hheeh nik looks like pantun is here to stay, thanks to you :)

Ordinary Superhero said...

Sorry to break the pantun thingy...tak reti. Happy birthday to Aisyah Hanis. May all your wishes come true.

Ehem, the char kwey teow looks yummy!

Justiffa said...

Aha matter what age and state of hunky-ness, married men kena la panggil uncle ngeh ngeh ngeh ;p

Justiffa said...

Betul la juney..nik was the one who triggered this sudden spat of pantuns. so now king lanun & pantun osso izzit? king lan-tun kot lol ;D

Justiffa said...

OS..tq so much, akak dah sampaikn pada empunya badan :D

The char kuey teow available @ night circle seksyen 11.. turun shah alam bebila bole pekena ;p