Thursday, July 22, 2010

Withering hearts

When you reach my age, you've seen most of what the power of 'love' can do.  it can make or break, end in tragedy or celebration, and bcos it involves other than ourselves, its not totally within our control.

I see love transcending barriers & hardship.  i see love spreading comfort & solace. but then i also see the heartbreak & desolation. and it especially saddens me when families are torn apart in the name of 'love'.

It takes two to tango. and it takes two to make 'it' happen, whatever 'it' is.

Nothing about love is ever predictable.  and for that very reason, it has always been used as an excuse for a change of heart.  "i love you" one minute "i just dont love you" the next, making it perhaps the most abused word on the planet.

I'm no authority on love and like everyone else i pray that love & goodwill will forever wrap me in its comforting folds. but i do know this, that when love is taken to the level where vows are exchanged, there will be commitment & responsibilities attached to it.  change of hearts come with a price and some pay quite dearly...  and i'm not just talking about RMs here.

When love wanes and our 'empty' hearts scream for sympathy & attention, should we then conveniently seek another? when love becomes a habit, should the promise of excitement lure us away from a life built together?  and how could it be within an instant, what was once a safe haven is now the deepest depth of hell?

Providence may have some hand in our lives but in the end, its all about making our own choices.  bcos as long as we're living & breathing, theres no excuse not to go through our lives with eyes wide open.

Just call a spade a spade. whichever way we look at it, love has never been spelled as l-u-s-t. it is what it is.

Fire.. better not go playing with it.

Ya Rahman Ya Rahim hanya kasih MU yang abadi.


June Malik said...

very deep and very true, playing with fire is what normally kills all :(

Justiffa said...

Susah nak kata kan june.. when it comes to matters of the heart people seem to easily lose logic & reason.

Jom berdoa for peace & happiness dunia akhirat :D

June Malik said...

thats why we ladies are always stronger, I've seen friends that hold on to a marriage for children, for wanting to make things right but some guys (there are still good ones out there) just take the easy way out, find another one .. the q is, can the new one measure up? or a matter of time before the cycle starts again?
yes, let's berdoa :)

Anonymous said...

But JT, when that person won't even look you in face anymore, what's there left to fight for? Are we that humble that we have to plead "Please like me back" ? The only choice is, to forget and to move on. I don't think that makes us bad.


Justiffa said...

I know what u mean juney.. but if by staying our lives become corroded by bitterness & regret then just maybe, its not strength but folly.

We dont want to be bailing out at the first sign of trouble but we dont want to be living a life of pretence either.

Hopefully whatever path we take, let it be a conscious decision, not on a whim or in anger.

Justiffa said...

Haza, even with the truth staring us right in the face, it still takes an awful lot of courage to say "ok thats it, enough is enough!!" and move on.

And nope it doesnt make us bad, just smart. its so easy to get sucked into the whole mess and knowing when to quit takes a lot of thought.

But then moving on is just the first step. to heal, we need to let go :)

June Malik said...

i for one will not stay if i can bear it anymore, its only fair to both parties but like you said its never easy and lets hope we dont have to go through all this .. lets just pray we will be able to hold what we have and like holding it :)