Tuesday, July 27, 2010


First time i took my phone with me on a run, and with it the use of endomondo.

A short run by all counts bcos by the time i had dinner ready it was past 7 and maghrib was hot on my heels.  i cut across the main road into the fringes of seksyen 11, past seksyen 10 and back into seksyen 9.

Duration  - 0:26:31
Distance  - 3.46km
Avg. Speed - 7.4 min/km

Hey this endo thing is pretty cool.. at least to a gadget challenged makcik like me la.  i normally run unencumbered. just my car keys when i do the tasik loops so having the phone with me was rather distracting. but if i was to consider juney's crazy plan wanna increase my mileage then i'd better start exploring the roads of shah alam.

Now all i hafta do is find a pouch that wont bounce so much when i run -_-'


Bergen said...

Won't be running for at least a couple of weeks. Sprained my ankle trying to stand the bike.

But that won't stop me from swimming ha ha

pakmat said...

..only the pouch, lady..?..:)

June Malik said...
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June Malik said...

tiff, u run faster than me for sure .. 26 minutes for 3.4k, impressive lor ... tabik :) keep it up!! hehe i like the strike out sentence hahahah btw i use the SPI-belt masa lari, can put power gels, phone, keys , and dont bounce at all .. lets go shopping 2gether! lol , orang gi shopping baju, kasut, handbang, we go shopping for running stuff .. more fun !!!!

pak mat, tsk tsk noti noti !! but we got it covered lah hehehe

Azza said...

K.Tiff, nicee meeting u last Saturday :) do pls take pic while running..tapi azza rasa jgn byk2 laa, klu tak bila nak abis lari tuh..hahaha. Yup, SPI belt works well, ada 2 poket, blh letak byk brg..ala2 beg Doraemon gitu ;P

Justiffa said...

Bergen..so sorry to hear about the ankle, sadly bila dh brumur injuries takes longer to heal but chin up with a lil patience u're well on the road to becoming.. jeng jeng jeng - a future ironman!!

U hv a bike (i'm assuming its the cycling kind n not a harley lol), u run and u swim..bole jd orang besi tu berg ;p

Apapun take care k

Justiffa said...

Waa our pakmat is being a lil naughty today ;D

insyallah everything else is under control lol.

Justiffa said...

Ish juney, bukannye laju mane pun ;p

More importantly u my dear have gone the distance!!

Justiffa said...

Me dunno how to take pic while running la azza..hilang focus silap2 trtonggeng +_+

Akak dah pi beli spibelt tu tp jenis yg single pouch je. Tried running with it ptg td n akak notice kena ketat baru tak bounce langsung :)

Syiok gak pi shopping ngan cik june kite nanti ek heheheh

June Malik said...

yep the spibelt has to be tight but not uncomfortable .. and yess lets go shopping , let me know when :)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Women n shopping.. tak boleh dipisahkan! :)

Justiffa said...

Eh nik, put on a skirt and come join us hehehe. its fast becoming the rage these days, men in skirts ;D

Not always la.. shopping actually gives me a headache, usually just kenot decide -_-"