Thursday, July 29, 2010

Being happy

Its tough to think of anything else when we're down in the dumps, but when theres nowhere else to go, theres sometimes a faint ray of light peeking out at you from the dark endless tunnel. if you dont see it then go search for it bcos the nur is definitely there, buried somewhere in the shadowy hollows. follow it and it might just lead you out of the cold

As Bergen bluntly puts it in his I get it post, accept life, accept the Lord's will and just get on with it.

Bersyukurlah. choose to be happy. its better than being sad.

To my dearest darlings AF, AI & AH.. when things dont turn out the way you expect them to (as they often will) dont be too sad.  life goes on no matter what so hang on and try to enjoy the ride. insyallah the Lord takes care of His own <3


Bergen said...

La Tahzan

Justiffa said...

True.. jgn bersedih :)

June Malik said...

i like "choose to be happy" we always have a choice !

Justiffa said...

W/out doubt life is a rollercoaster ride of emotions.. tapi selagi daya we shouldnt dwell in bitterness, pain & sorrow.

Bila hilang semangat, hilang punca, susah. life must go on and with supportive friends around its a lot easier, right gf? :D

June Malik said...

very true tiff .. we have to choose to live as best we can make it and make the best of what we have to have the best that we can ..