Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Workday humour

Hik hik ;p

Did i mention that AH bullied me into taking the stairs the last time i dropped her (plus bags of stuff) off at her appartment in casa subang - ALL 10 STOREYS of it (P1, P2, P3 plus 7 storeys)!!!!!!  Heh, they really should do something about managing the lifts during peak hours.

But then again, ask adidas, impossible is nothing aight? ;D


June Malik said...

ok, gf .. tabik spring ribu kali .. yang muda pun belum tentu lepas P2 hahahah

Justiffa said...

Depan my girl control 'macho' tapi nak semput la jugak ekekekeh

Anonymous said...

wah wah auntie, kalah orang muda macam, I thought you said you waddle like a duck after the walkathon.don't tell me you waddled all through 10 floors LOL!!!

Justiffa said...

MissiEz, it happened the same sunday. aunty anto my daughter malam tu and during that time all the otot2 ok lagi. but bangun the next day haiyo, nak bergerak sikit pun susah!

Heh, maybe the panjat tangga thing also contributed to the aches la lol.