Friday, July 2, 2010

Mini jumble sale

Yup KUB was given the green light to proceed with our own little jumble sale. as a means of collecting funds for our annual activities. and me, instead of contributing used clothing or goods, was asked if i could cook up something to sell.. namely cream-puffs.

Heh, producing enough puffs to make selling viable filled me with trepidation.. i only had a mini oven to work with since my regular oven stopped working (pukul brape la dapat tido ni nanti). but not to disappoint, i agreed and ended up not sleeping a wink (dah agak dah lol).

We opened our booth at the lobby in time for the long lunch break. and the SUK crowd was extremely supportive of our venture bcos before long we had to call for extra staff to lend a helping hand lol.

And our pengarah was kind enough to check on what we were up to have a look-see ;p

Glad to say, the mini jumble sale was a roaring success and the boss was mighty pleased with the collective show of support and cooperation by all of us.

Lordy i need my sleep *yawn*


Azza said...

K.Tiff, nak laa cikit :) Tgk jer x main laa..Maybe can bring potluck in one of our runs later ;)

Justiffa said...

Bole aje ;p

xplorer said...

appreciate if you could email me the karipap, he he

Justiffa said...

Ni mesti xplorer suke karipap ni sbb tgk cream puff pun ingat kat karipap gak hehehehe.

Akak email gambo bole le lol.