Sunday, July 25, 2010

Breaking the jinx

Juney & me, we'd almost given up on ever meeting each other. seems that every plan we made never saw the light of day and it's become a running joke between us that we needed to mandi bunga just to break the jinx LOL.

Well thank god it didnt hafta come to that (although soaking away in a tub filled with fragrant petals aint such a bad idea actually lol).

We finally broke the jinx and met up at the jogging track of seksyen 7 yesterday.

Surprise surprise.. juney had azza in tow. both of them had only recently lost their 'virginities' at scklm 2010.  both are now proud marathoners!!

Juney & Azza (ciloked from the anak mami's blog lol)

We had a blast bergebang while we walked our way to a total of  about 5km (juney is still nursing a bad knee) and it continued right into brunch. poor juney & azza must have had an earfull bcos boy, was i full of Q's lol. i've pretty much been doing this running thing on my own and have never really had the chance to have a heart to heart with other female runners :D

We gotta do this again la gfs.. and this time we must take pics hehehe.


June Malik said...

alamak, u beat me to a posting heeh .. but yeah story from anak mami point of view pulak lol

glad we broke the jinx, we can always do the mandi bunga bit for fun :)

Justiffa said...

Hehehe..great idea, jom heret azza pegi spa bunga ;p

And juney, dun we all agree that anak mami rawk?! ;D

Azza said...

woot..woot, i just noticed this part. Amboi2, kakak2 nak heret azza pegi spa bunga sbb nak buat 84k ultra ..kan..kan.. :P

Justiffa said...

Spa bunga best pe azza, wangi sebulan tu hehehe.

Ultra tu for y'all.. akak ni nyibuk je, half pun tak lepas hik2