Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Broken connection

The pc at my office suddenly went kaput on me and the ICT guy has officially declared it as 'unfit for use' aka 'JUNK'.

Its been more than a week but thankfully i'm now finally reconnected via an old recycled pc (while i wait in line for a new one).

Recycle pun recycle la, asalkan bole buat keje (with a little surfing on the side lol) ;p

I was away for a 3-day team building session at Kalumpang Resort & Training Centre starting the 8th. and although it was a welcomed break, it sadly clashed with AH's registration at Taylor's. t'was the first time that my baby's leaving home and i wasnt around! but on the bright side, it gave golfman the opportunity to finally play an active part in his children's life. it can never make up for all of his absences; those crucial times that he wasnt around but at least it would be a start and an experience in itself, for both parties.

Would you believe, my baby girl's just in casa subang but i still miss her terribly!! nak buat macamane, bongsu girl la kan :)

But.. hafta reign in my feelings, musnt spook her out. its her time and she needs to find her way.

Ma doakan yang terbaik untuk anak2 mama semua. semoga berjaya & bahagia dunia akhirat.


June Malik said...

know how u feel, same boat heeh .. welcome back, miss ya gf !

Justiffa said...

It sucks not having the children around ek...but they need to spread their wings so kena la lepaskan.

But its tough.

And thx juney, missed you too <3

Joy Kalonas said...
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Joy Kalonas said...

Aunty, it has been a while.. I kinda 'attracted' to your blogger icon (photo in your blogger profile). who is she? It just reminds of TV3, could be because of the color combination, but I still love it.. =)

Justiffa said...

Hi Joy.. kalau tak silap aunty the original was a painting in sukarno's collection but i believe its been somewhat modified. tapi aunty tak brape sure sbb dah lama sgt.

Aunty pun suke, dah brape kali niat nak tukar tapi tak tertukar2 gak avatar tu :)

Joy Kalonas said...

Please... don't change it. coz i really love that icon! It resembles Nona which aired on TV3, and Nona means Sunday, and I love Sunday! hahaha, I talked too much nonsenses, but above all, I hope it will remains as your icon..