Thursday, July 1, 2010

Plod on

Golfman's been down with flu since Monday but have been dragging himself to work so that he can settle as much of the 'unfinished business' as possible. his last days are fast approaching and there seem to be 1001 things to do.  they even threw him a farewell lunch yesterday, the running joke being, "to be eligible for this sumptious kari kepala ikan treat, first you need to quit the company!!".

Har-de-har-har *cue the dripping sarcasm*

I just hope its a smooth transition for him. a man takes great pride in his ability to provide and no matter what you say, is greatly affected by it.

I've been overshooting my morning schedule lately and have had to trim my runs to suit the limited time frame.  its been mostly 2-3kms only and although its better than nothing, it hasnt been all that satisfying. today was no exception.  by the time i waved golfman off to work, i was left with exactly 30 mins to play around with - if i wanted my usual 4k and still make it to work, there can be no warming up, no cooling down.  but with the recent spat of rest days i've been having, i knew i just had to go for it.

And that very desperation was probably what got me going.. bcos surprisingly, i found myself shaving off almost 5 mins from my usual time!  gawd, thats a big big thing for me.. and its so unbelievable i'm not as happy as i should be.  why? bcos for me, 4k in 30 mins is almost carved in stone.  no matter what i do, i'm usually able to cut the time by only 1-2mins.  so i dunno. maybe my watch turned faulty or the double loop that i did was a couple of metres short.

Takkan la kot *still pondering*

But whatever it is, i was pushing myself (a rather rare occurence bcos i like staying in my comfort zone lol) and it did turn out to be a darn good run.  plus i made it to work with 2 mins to spare.

Just peachy ;D

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June Malik said...

Yikes, you are faster than me lah Tiff hehe .. we were talking abt you dlm kereta on the way to scklm, Haza commented that you can do 10k in one hour .. sheessh .. you shd go for longer runs lah .. consistency dah buat your stamina best giler .. and yes do your marathon next year , i support dari start till finising line ..

Something wrong wt blogspot, i read ALL your ramblings, but for the past few days no new posting till this, sekali bukak, eh ada few yang I dah miss ..

Am so glad check up went well and now you can start training for your maiden marathon .. you sign up FMV vest free babe, truly!! you more than can lah !! i no way lah 10k in an hour hahhah ..

Justiffa said...

Juney oh juney..the newest marathon mommy!! Congrats again, again & again ;p

Me not fast la gf, its just 4k and the result of fine-tuning something i do almost daily. 10k in an hour tu zaman dolu2, now kenot oredi la lol. like i said, i'm just a wannabe runner but you, you're a marathoner la babe.. tabik spring ;p

Would love to join your FMV group (walaupun now u tak 'virgin' hehehe) tp seriau, i dun want to start something i cannot finish -_-'

June Malik said...

Tiff : u will finish cos u r strong minded like me, i was like if kena merangkak pun i am going to cross that damn line LOL ... zaman dolu2 10k tu bila? i dah give up nak try that fast LOL ..

Justiffa said...

Dont fret too much about time la gf, finishing the marathon is in itself a tremendous achievement.. most people (like me ) only dare to dream!

Back in 2005 when shah alam still had her own larian 10k ;p it has since been replaced by shah alam's adidas kotr.., thats how long ago my 10k has been heheheh ;p

Joy Kalonas said...

I caught a fever + flu + sore throat last few days.. may be it is just because of the 'season'. Btw auntie, are you a marathoner? *speechless @_@*

Justiffa said...

Joy jgn liat mkn ubat mcm uncle well, rest well n live well :D hope u hv a speedy recovery.

I'm not a marathoner la joy so u can blink ur eyes now hehehe. Tho lately i have been putting a lot of thought into it. mcm best je kalau aunty bole buat a marathon when i hit 50 next year.. tp takut i might be biting off more than i can chew -_-'

Ejoy nak try? Jom!!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Ordinary Superhero said...

I heard Adidas KOTR dah ada date? May be I wanna try that one this year. Jom try full m next year.

Justiffa said...

Joven..tq and welcome :D

Justiffa said...

OS - kotr is a must for me (its in my backyard so no excuse LOL).. say hi if you bump into a makcik with tudung that has this tendency to senget-benget ekekekeh ;D

Somehow akak pun rasa terpanggil gak nak try bermarathon next year, half ke full ke dunno la.. tp bak kata sm salim in his duet with sheila m "ntah kan jadi ntah kan tidak" hik2.

Tp for sure kalau OS masuk akak akan jadi ur loudest most hyper supporter 'maya'.. GO OS GO!!!! ;p