Sunday, June 27, 2010

So near and yet..

The whole family went nuts at the digital mall pj yesterday. top on the list, external hard disc.. everyone ended up with one.  seems like its the new thumbdrive.  me, i have lotsa lotsa pics that i just cant bring myself to delete. and in this digital age, it can be an avalanche lol. so i needed the storage. the rest had their own reasons and lucky for us golfman was in a spending mood :D

AF the techie junkie was in seven heaven. but his euphoria came down a notch when he realised he couldnt claim the alotted points after the purchase. he'd somehow misplaced his membership card and was quite frustrated bcos he was actually collecting points for a fridge (wowzers.. a fridge no less heheh)!  and just for the fun of it, AI signed up for membership too.

I would've loved to drop by jaya one to check up on the athletes circle but with the bootful of stuff, i didnt want to push my luck hehehe.  and especially not after cramming our stomachs close to bursting during a rather long pitstop at sushi king ;p

Next AH managed to coerce her daddy into venturing the jam-packed realm of subang.  her registration for the sam programme will be in 2 week's time and she wanted to have a preliminary peek at taylor's college & casa apartment.  sad to report, her daily commute would involve one of the busiest route around that area - between SS15 & USJ 1 (summit/mydin area). there'll be transport provided for the students but i'm wondering what time they'd have to leave to make it to morning classes.  the traffic is really heavy and providing a car wouldnt make much of a difference i think.  so near yet so far.. looks like my baby will just hafta manage the best she can.

Sunday saw me doing my social rounds.  from as early as 10am, i was already at a marhaban session, celebrating the cukur jambul & akekah of a mentor's grandson. it was a joyous affair.. the way it usually is when babies are involved. bcos truth is, it becomes a celebration of life itself.

And of course life wouldnt be complete without a bit of drama thrown in lol.

Cikgu was back to collect his car and as usual he was supposed to leave in time to reach lipis before it got dark. and as usual, the cikgu tinkered around in his room dragging his departure to the last minute, turning me almost cuckoo in the process. i worry when he leaves home around maghrib.  i worry when he travels alone at nite. i worry, period lol.

Before leaving, he first filled up his tank at a nearby petrol station and upon his return, he dropped the bombshell, "ma, aie rasa brake keter tak makan la ma". to which i immediately responded, "WHAT?"

Heck, brakes were essential when one's attempting to travel back east.  the steep crossing can be pretty dangerous even with a fully functional car.  and now he's telling me his brakes doesnt work?!!! aiyaa, mati la ma risau camni.

Yup, it was a bummer alright.  no mechanic worth his salt would chose to work on a late sunday afternoon and the cikgu sure as hell needed to go to work.  you just dont fool around with children's education.  by then my mind was already in overdrive, considering all the options. something had to be done and if need be, i was quite ready to drive down to lipis. it would take about 5-6 hours round trip, which still left me enough time to make it to work.

Suddenly through the fog of my choatic thoughts i heard him saying, "heh nasib baik aie terbeli tiket pegi balik".

Lordy, of all the coincidences, the cikgu in his absent-mindedness, had actually bought return bus tickets!!  and to cut a long story short, thats how he found himself taking another bus ride instead of driving his own car.  and thats how i found myself saddled with another 'broken down' contraption.

But this time thankfully it's a little different.  this time i can happily pass the problem over to golfman.

Aaah, such bliss :D


Ordinary Superhero said...

Goshh, what an eventful weekend!

Justiffa said...

When all the kids are home, weekends mmg jadi packed lol. But actually that sunday i was dying to be in kl, cheering on my 'geng makciks' who were attempting their 1st full marathon. Kejap2 tenguk jam dok congak timing and hoping they were doing ok. didnt know then that you were also running your 1st half!!

Akak respect la semangat korang.. you people rock ;p