Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Playing catch up

Its a beautiful morning.. cool, breezy with overcast skies.

When i left the house i suddenly had a moment of doubt and checked my watch twice. i was late but it sure didnt feel like 7.30!!   as i ran my usual route i couldnt help but observe what a huge effect the school-breaks have on our daily lives.  and one glaring aspect of it is the traffic.  theres a substantial decrease in traffic volume when the kids arent off to school.  and its not restricted to just the residential areas, the ripple effect can be felt even on the highways thats usually all choked up during peak hours.

Wonder why..  do that many people take leave and go off on a vacation? or that many people actually send their kids to school as opposed to using school vans & buses?

I dunno. and i dont really care bcos i'm just going to enjoy the 'sunday morning' feeling where the roads are clear & there's just no rush.

But only on the roads la lol. theres still the usual rush of getting ready and making it to the office on time.  and as i waited impatiently for the light to turn green (my greatest obstacle to work - the concorde 't' junction), i glanced at my hands gripping the steering and i saw, i truly saw my hands!!!!  i mean we usually look at ourselves without really seeing.. but this time it was as clear as day and i got the shock of my life.

It was mine alright but it was also the crepey, powdery, veiny hands that one would associate with a favourite granny!!  i've gotten used to staring at a stranger's face, now i'm looking at a stranger's hands.

Aaaaarggh.  when did i get to be so old?!??

[says the 20ish-tak-sedar-diri woman that still resides in my body ekekekeh]

Heh. i really must remember to slap on those fancy lotions & handcreams i'd bought but never got round to using ;p

This is as good as it gets. deal with it.

Anyhoo.. you all have a great day peeps :D

2k/am run/S9
60 mins cardio-salsa


Oldstock said...


I can no longer pretend that I'm not old... ever since the day the cute petrol pump girl at Dungun called me `Pakcik', many years ago. That's why I feel comfortable with the name that I've picked for myself in Blogger.

But do not give up on those hand creams or face creams or whatever else you ladies apply on yourselves to defy the ageing process... if it works, then I'm sure the other half wouldn't mind.

June Malik said...

heheh no worries tiff, we age gracefully and maintain without any cosmetic help , terror tuh heheeh .. lets meet and compare hand wrinkles lol

xplorer said...


same thing happen to me also although i'm just 31. a few month back i went to pasar malam when a cute girl call me pakcik and then suddenly called me abang when she realised my discomfort .do i look that old!!!

Justiffa said...

Oh i remember my 'makcik' moment quite clearly too.. that was the time when i could actually feel the earth move under my feet LOL.

And the lotions n creams are fine.. problem is i keep forgetting to use 'em -_-'

Just gotta make sure we age well i guess :D

Justiffa said...

Jom juney, lets do that.. i'm sure i'll be winning it hands down hehehe ;p

Hope the training's going well gf.

Justiffa said...

To be honest xplorer, susah akak nak jawab soalan tu sbb u never ever show ur face ;p but from the perspective of someone close to 50, u're still in ur prime la dun worry.

Anyhoo to resist is futile so lets all work at becoming better pakciks & makciks shall we?!! :D

pakmat said...

..hey, justi, all the cars are in Bachok..we are having jams and long queues here...sigh..I will be glad once the hols are over..cant go to my fav beach for the crowd, morning or evening..sheesh.. they r everywhere, cept kl..:)..i want my peaceful bachok back...!

Justiffa said...

Hehehe.. kasi can la org kl aman pulak pakmat, walaupun sebentar cuma ;p