Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cocktail weekend

The weekend was anything but dull lol... macam2 ada.

Golfman's new car decided to pull a stunt on me (why does this always happen when da man isnt around?) friday after work. with automatic dials & automatic everything else, the auto-lock suddenly chose to malfunction.. as they say "takde angin takde ribut tetiba je" and there i was going "wtf"?  but i was lucky that it happened at my office parking lot so with the guards and all, things were pretty secure for me to leave the car overnite.

But it screwed up my schedule.  gone was my friday nite masala with the girls and bcos the mechanics didnt actually confirm the time they would be turning up, saturday morning was spent waiting (read: no running, no aerobics). the guys eventually turned up and towed the car away but by that time i was beyond frustrated and ended up spending the whole day stuffing my face!!!  hahaha, you know how it is, when all else fail.. EAT ;p

AI with the mechanics from APD.

Thankfully i woke up to a glorious sunday morning.  and it was a day of redemption.  at the dataran with my usual gang, i was moving faster & jumping higher throughout the 60 mins session and followed by a 4k lap round the tasik. hah.. with cooling down & stretching, i'd managed to put in a solid 2 hour workout, yay :D

And later in the day,  my outing with the kids turned out to be mainly about ME!!

We'd earlier planned to ronda2 the malls.. catch a movie, window shop, forage the bookstores & pig out.  but AF had other plans (that involved his GF.. of course lol) and AH was already dreading monday and only wanted to stay home (haa.. now you know why abah always wants to rest on sundays heheheh).

So that left only AI and me. i usually give the kids free reign but this time, i took advantage of the situation and gave him a list of things i wanted to do. 1. check out ahlete's circle @ jaya one 2. browse thru excess bookstore @ amcorp mall 3. go shoe & bargain hunting @ sunway pyramid.

Turns out ahlete's circle close on sundays but luckily for me we successfully accomplished the other 2!! and i reckon, getting 2 out of 3 is pretty darn good considering my run of bad luck yesterday ;p

Thanks nak for being so sporting... mwaaah!!

Weekend workout:
60 mins high impact
4k/30 mins/TSA

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