Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Godfather

Nicolei king of the heap ;D

Yup, just like that all time mafia boss.... but the feline version of course lol.

But he wasnt quite himself lately.

He'd been looking rather scraggly and was sleeping most of time and upon closer inspection, we'd noticed that his drool was getting to be a bit too foul..  after he'd cleaned himself, he almost smelled like a monster that had escaped from the sewer!!  he was also losing his famous cat balance and even fell off his favourite bunk (my ironing board) landing on his back, not on his feet.

That really spooked us and motivated the otherwise laidback kiddoes (read: malas lol) to haul him over to the vet's.

The por sod was diagnosed as suffering from gingivitis!!

That accounted for the foul drool, the decreased appetite (due to the pain of chewing) and overall malaise.  he was also having inbalance issues caused by excessive earmites.

2 weeks of the right care & medication, he's back to his godfather-ly ways.. and smelling like a sewer monsta no more, thank the lord!!

 Keeping an eye on his 'territory'


His brethren

3k/am run/Sek 9
4k/pm run/TSA - yesterday


Cheryl said...

Lovely! Must show my daughter who 'gila' cats when she's back from school later.

Joy Kalonas said...

Are they your cats? Cute..

Justiffa said...

Cheryl.. cats have a way of getting under our skin la lol. and say hi to your daughter for me, good luck with school :D

Justiffa said...

Hello joy :D

The one lording over his territory is ours, thats nico lol.. but the rest are always around the house anyway bcos we leave xtra catfood out at the balcony :)

Joy Kalonas said...

I see, no wonder he got the most beautiful furs among the others.. After all, he's the king! ;)

Justiffa said...

Joy, nico's actually a boring grey (the colour of wet concrete lol) but we jazz him up a bit with a little henna here & there so that he looks more 'kingly' la heheheh ;p

But dont go telling the neighbourhood kitties k or he'll lose face lol.