Sunday, June 6, 2010

He's running!!

Running -  To move rapidly on foot so that both feet leave the ground during each step/stride.

So by that definition, golfman did me proud by running the whole route of tasik shah alam, all 3.8km of it!!


Forget about pace, timing or speed..  we were s-l-o-w lol. but i'm just so happy that he didnt give up although it was rather hard going for him towards the end.  not wanting to scare him off running completely, i kept asking at every km marker, "you wanna start walking now yang?".  but i guess the sportsman in him responded; the one sidelined by work & other pressing commitments. he plodded on!!

Aaaah.. perhaps my dream will come true ;D

Weekend Workout:
Sat - 4k/am run/TSA-with golfman.
Sun - 50 mins aerobics/DSA
       - 1.5k/am run/TSA-with golfman.
       - 8k/pm run/TSA-alone, lost him to the greens lol.

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