Friday, June 25, 2010


After doing the ecg, the echo and the stress test, the verdicts out that me ole ticker is doing just fine :D

These wriggly lines belong to me lol

Its a load off my chest. really. i was so worried i was hyperventilating & making myself breathless lol. maklum la dah tua2 ni anything can happen.. risau plak menyusahkan orang nanti. and its always scary when you're faced with signs of your own mortality.

Once the doc ruled out any abnormalities with my heart, the flutter in itself is nothing to worry about.  and the funny thing is when i was doing the stress test, my heartbeat evened out as i started running.  a good sign the doc said. which means i wont be keeling over anytime soon can keep on running!

Maybe i should even consider joining juney's fmv. target - marathon @ 50... ekekekeh, yea right ;D

p.s. To juney & friends good luck with the scklm this sunday. go lose your 'virginities' with a bang peeps!!


Oldstock said...

Lovely news. The chart shows that you are a picture of health.

Now, time for me to do my annual medical. It's due this month.

pakmat said... has a way of taking center stage as the age piles becomes you realise how fragile it is or can be..but its ok, justi, you'll learn to live with it..and you r doing great..cheers..

Justiffa said...

Oldstock..dont play play ah, must go check quickly quickly ;p

And good luck k.

Justiffa said...

Thx pakmat. my greatest hope, tak nyusahkan bebudak nanti :)

Lama tak dgr citer pakmat. jdbb.

Ordinary Superhero said...

AlhamdulilLah. So keep on running...

I just did my stress test two days before SCKL 2010. Glad the results were excellent.

Justiffa said...

Ha ah lega akak.

Hey congrats on ur first half mara. and now that half's under the belt, bila pulak agaknye boleh panggil 'OS the marathoner' ni? ;D

You keep running too k, the target - staying fit, happy & healthy :D