Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Of body & soul

Bertaut kasih bersarang rindu,
Setia menunggu kasih yang satu..

Sometimes my life is just a seamless, endless state of monotony with very little hope of relief. day in, day out, i go thru the motions but its almost like a soul-less state of existence. in limbo, i feel like i'm floating away into nothingness.

For reassurance & comfort, i run to my Maker.  and for validation of my very existence, i get physical.

- less i forget, warm blood flows strongly thru my veins.

- less i forget, flesh & bones are holding me together.

So i push myself.  and with the sweat, the aches and the pain, i know i'm still here, still alive & kicking.  and with that i'm brought back to the reality & the responsibilities that awaits me. and with that i get thru another day.

And thank god for the children.  in the absence of my other half, they are the ones that help to ground me.

Last nite, after another muscle thrashing session,  i got back to a house filled with happy people.  laughter greeted me at the door and the smell of baking filled my senses.. AF & gang were having another bout of board games and AH & AI were baking muffins in the kitchen. 

Board games..

.. and baking.

Nothing perks you up better than exuberant young people :D

And of course, the banana-oat-walnut muffins helped lol.

p.s. and joy, if you're reading this, aunty makan dua ni je while i watched jack bauer in action.. so ok la kot ek ;D



June Malik said...

i know what u mean ;p hey we still havent done our morning run LOL

Justiffa said...

The ever elusive first date hehehe..but i know u hv ur hands full juggling between 2 household. Give me a tinker in the event of a sudden, free weekend n maybe we'll finally be able to break the jinx ;p

Hey juney bond, scklm dh x lama kan..u ok?

Karen said...

Thankyou for visiting my blog Justiffa. Sorry for my delayed response but I have been away on vacation for 2 weeks. Please visit again.
Cheers karen.

Justiffa said...

Hi karen. hope you had a swell vacation :D