Monday, June 7, 2010

School break

For a couple of days at least everyone's back where they belong... HOME.

Its school-break so the cikgu's home for 2 weeks.
Its semester-break so topman's home till college reopens.
Its still spm-break for missy who's biding time and will be home till early july.
And golfman, who's been home for the whole week but who will be flying off again. today.

As usual its hard.  after all these years you'd think it gets easier to see him go but nope, nothing's farther from the truth. he breaks my heart everytime he leaves.. and i'm done justifying my feelings. i feel what i feel, thats it.

On a cheerier note, cikgu's agreed to at least try a healthier diet as well as incorporate some form of exercise this 2 weeks that he's home.  maybe brisk walking with me after work and nite cycling with his cousin.  unfortunately, he'd regained some of the weight he worked so hard to lose when he was recently bogged down with work.  weight that should immediately be lost before the couch reclaims him!!

Actually, both topman & missy have also been complaining about weight gain. lately missy's been bitten by the baking bug and has been making batches of something or other (mostly brownies & cookies) almost daily.  now that doesnt really sit well with a trim waistline does it?!  but i dont think those two will be doing anything about it anytime soon.  they're still enjoying the whining lol.. but just wait till the tummy refuses to go away no matter how hard you suck it in!!

Tu la ma suruh exercise tak nak ;p


June Malik said...

thursday zaki comes back and we are whole for a while till then all go in different directions LOL .. kejap ada kejap tak ada !miss you GF!!

Justiffa said...

Juneyyy *hug*

Hows plan b going (ur alternative to running)? Hope u're hanging in there gf. whatever u decide to do harap dipermudahkan.

Yup, our guys ni mmg mcm chipsmore, kejap ada kejap xde hehehe ;D