Monday, June 14, 2010

Is less more?

This running thing started in 2004 but unlike my awesome blogger buddies haza, june & others,  i only run ultras, marathons & halves in my dreams lol ;p

4k runs are my staple and i guess you can say 8k is my lsd.  hehehe.. chicken feed, i know but thats me. i run bcos i love it but i'm a wimp for pain so i dont push it.

Running after 40 demands that you pay special attention to your knees & joints so i started out with all the support & cushioning i could get my hands on. over the years its been the occasional pegasus and the usual adistar and luckily, i've been spared major injuries. but since then, i've been doing a lot of reading on the subject. so much has been written, along with all the pros and cons and you start to thinking, maybe all that cushioning isnt really that necessary. and what if all that talk about too much being bad actually is true?

What if i were to just do away with it?

Of course going barefoot or the vibram thingy would be too radical (for a makcik with cranky knees & joints lol) but maybe i'd try the minimalist approach.

To make do with the most basic support and just let nature take over. after all i'm just putting in a daily max of 4-5k, nothing too stressful on the ole joints.

And thats how i ended up with a pair of adizeros. its a lightweight thats built for speed and although speed obviously isnt my consideration, it also promises to provide basic support.  to make the deal even sweeter, the pair came with a 30% discount!!  adizero aegis UK size 4.. last pair.

I later found out it actually wasnt the female version (although it was placed @ the ladies section and confirmed by the salesperson) but it doesnt really matter bcos i love it.  went on a 4k run this morning and it felt great! yes it's way lighter than my adistar but there's still enough bounce to make my landing easy. so far so good :D

  My new partners-in-grime lol

Hah thank god.  buying shoes is always a big gamble.

60 mins Aerobics/pm/NRG


Oldstock said...

I'm so in sync with the name of your new shoes. At least the `zero' part.

It describes the amount of running I've done the past few years, heheheh...

Justiffa said...

Hahaha, kelakor la oldstock.

But then i'm sure you're also familiar with the catch phrase "from zero to hero" ;p

So my friend, whats stopping you?

Go oldstock go!! :D

June Malik said...

hehe u r doing great gf , the distance is not the marker, its the getting up and out to do it .. and i love those zeroes too hehehe

Justiffa said...

Yo juney, i hear you sistah :D

Back from redang? hope it was fun, fun, fun.. recharged & all set to tackle the scklm ;p

Anonymous said...

dear auntie,

i was looking for advice on what kind of shoes are good for running and you came up with it! and its in pink! i'm in a wellness program anjuran my workplace, and i gotta get a new pair of old shoes are giving me blisters..probably the hot weather ..anyways, keep it up!

Justiffa said...

Hi MissiEz :D

Suke pink ek? actually theres plenty of choices (sampai aunty selalu sawan nak pilih lol) and its all back to your personal needs. adizero is great tapi x brape lawa hehehe.. maybe you should google & check out the others first ;p

Good luck with the wellness program k n take care.

Anonymous said...

auntie..nanti kalau shoe tu lawa sangat, asyik pandang bawah je, tak jadi jog! he he he..thanks for the wish!

Ordinary Superhero said...

Congrats for the new pair of legs! Longer distance and shorter time, eh?

Justiffa said...

Hahaha..dunno about the shorter time la OS but hoping to up the mileage a bit.

Doakan akak k :D