Thursday, July 15, 2010

Coffee break

I'm bogged down with work.

I'm stuck in here when i'd rather be out there!! and in my mind's eye whenever i think of running this is what i see:

But then i start to think, will it ever get down to this?

*cough cough cough*

Weh la weh, tersedak kopi la pulak ekekekeh ;p


June Malik said...

tiff, the 2nd pic more inspiring than the 1st one, trust me .. masih laju too babe hahhah ..

pakmat said... are doing alright, justi...should see me jogging, hernia and all..:)

Justiffa said...

Juney - jom kite 'laju'2 bersama hehehe ;p

Justiffa said...

ROTFL.. you just kill me sometimes la pakmat ;D


Nabilah Rashid said...

u've done sooo many kilos!
dats so great and inspiring!
i soo need a jog mate~~

Justiffa said...

Salam Nabila..welcome to aunty's blog. u're about the same age as my daughter and i wish she'd seriously consider running/jogging as well but she hates sweating it out, busuk katanya lol.

Good luck with the search for a jog-mate ;D