Sunday, August 1, 2010

And there was one.

When the kids are all home, my cup runneth over.. and usually in more ways than one lol.

It was the weekend of AH's birthday so a lil special time had to be put aside for her. then with the cikgu home, as usual the house spilled over with his buddies. really, these guys just love each others company (much to the consternation of their gilfriends lol) and always seem to have something planned. right now they're going thru a board-game craze (before this it was Left 4 Dead) and many a morning have i woken up to a house full of sleeping young men lol. seems that even AI who's usually tied to his xbox have been infected.. in fact i must say that the infection has become quite severe -_-'

Between keeping the boys fed and spending some bonding time with my daughter, i also had a couple of other things lined up. the aqiqah of a neighbour's granddaughter and the wedding reception of an old friend.

And with so much going on, the wind was completely knocked off our sails when both our cars decided to break down. yup not one but two!! one was already in the workshop for a busted radiator when suddenly out of the blue, the other car's indicator started blinking out signals of a faulty brake system.

Ayayayayai. cannot compromise on brakes la so that left us with only one option - AI's 'poltergeist' car!!! why poltergeist? bcos it has this quirky habit of locking & unlocking itself any time it pleases. plus an alarm that gets activated at the most unexpected times and places.. usually where theres lots of people about lol e.g. busy junctions/intersections/traffic lights or when you're trying to park at a crowded mall or just cruising the neighbourhood. you even get to feel like an ice cream van sometimes. golfman says its probably the electrical wiring, dunno. since AI's always busy with classes & discussions, we just havent gotten round to fixing it.

Gawd getting about was quite a nightmare with so many of us depending on that one car but we somehow managed, by the skin of our teeth lol. Anyhoo heres sharing some pics of the hyper weekend.

Birthday girl making funny faces lol

Brand new highlighted hair - prezzie from mumsy ;p

Marhaban & aqiqah cucu sulong R & E

Wedding reception  of  F & KB's eldest son

We go back a loong way.. semsas 1975-1979 & into itm.

Thank god i managed to squeeze in some calorie burning activities as well, otherwise sure pengsan with all the cakes, pasta, beriani kambing, nasi minyak, pulut kuning ;D

Sat - 8k run/TSA
Sun - 4k run plus 60 mins aerobics/DSA


SuN said...

salam's TSA?lama xpi sana,ghindu plak.kat PISA ni kureng syiokk la..aiyo,looking at ur july's mileage make me wanna sorok muka dalam lobang :-)

Justiffa said...

Weh pekabor org penang? syiok tak syiok pun sun jgn la abaikan ur running, must keep fit sbb skrg ni tak kira umur, ada je penyakit yg menunggu.

Lari jgn tak lari k, take care :D

June Malik said...

jeles see u r running but keep it up and when "its time" u will surely smoke me at the rate i am going LOL .. seems like a great wkend :)

Justiffa said...

Juney the moment those knees of urs are better kite trus pi pekena a couple of rounds k ;p

And pls dun talk about smokin' u la.. me osso lari mcm penguin, so kite same2 la jd makcik2 penguin lol. n i wanna adopt a run/walk routine for higher mileage la gf. gotta learn to deal with the annoying sidestiches.