Thursday, August 5, 2010

Re-igniting the spark

Even with a history of chronic childhood asthma, golfman has always been keeping himself pretty active. back in his younger days it was eat, drink, sleep football. then it was tennis for the longest of time (with a little ping pong & badminton on the side). and eventually it was eat, drink, sleep golf.

Although the choice of activities have changed in relation to his age, he has still kept at it (way to go babe mwaaah).

Unfortunately, his long stint in the caspian area has sort of thrown him off course a little (rolling greens are hard to come by) but once a sportsman always a sportsman i guess bcos he still loves a good sweat.  and playing on that fact, i've continously been trying to get him up and running. oh not anything to do with racing or any of that competitive stuff but just little outings to rev up the ole engine and improve his stamina.

So far any spark of interest have always dwindled away and died a natural (or is it unnatural?) death.

Until lately.

Heh heh heh. i'm euphoric. its 2 days in a row now that HE has instigated a slow run round the tasik.. HIM not me. and he's planning for more :D

Some time back i managed to convince him into completing the 3.8k loop round TSA.  just a slow jog-a-jog jog but still a run. sadly, after that first try he had to leave. there just wasnt enough time to get him hooked on the endorphine rush!!  then there was another try following the first but again work took him away.

Now that he's 'in limbo' so to speak, theres a lot more time to play around with and i certainly havent let the opportunity go to waste lol.  after a little pushing & prodding, the spark seem to have been re-ignited.

Halleluyah lol.

I'm not hoping that it'll burst into flames. it's probably less sustainable that way, with a higher possibility of dying out completely lol. nah, i'd happily settle for a slow burning fire. one that'll last thru our golden years ;p

Here's to many more huffing & puffing together babe hehehehe. and believe me, you'll be breezing through ur 18 holes like its a walk in the park and those golf marathons you guys seem to be so fond of? heh kacang mamak  ;p

  Full moon during the recent nisfu sya'ban.. simply gorgeous isnt it!!
(taken @ guthrie driving range, bukit jelutong).

Workout Log
Tues - 3.8k slow jog with GM/TSA
Wed - 3.8k slow jog with GM/TSA, 1k solo/TSA.
Thur - 3.8k slow jog with GM/TSA, 1k solo/TSA


June Malik said...

if you get him to go with you more often, it might be the start heheh .. good on u :)

Justiffa said...

Stop start stop start.. tak pernah lekat sebelum ni. just hoping for the best ;D