Wednesday, August 11, 2010


First day into ramadhan.. and i got stuck in the lift, all by my sad lonely self lol.

Oh i can laugh about it bcos it wasnt dark.. and it was also during office hours (the lift can be quite freaky at nite those times that i was doing overtime).

And more importantly, the doors re-opened in less than 5 minutes hehehe.

Dugaan? just an itsy bitsy one ;p

Slow short jog of 2km/TSA.. didnt want to push it hehehe.


June Malik said...

nasib tak lama, if not kecoh jugak kan , glad it was a small dugaan :) take care gf!

Justiffa said...

Ha ah, and there i was thinking 'eh aku nak panic ke tak ni' hehehehe, kelakor je ;p n u take care too juney <3