Friday, August 27, 2010

Nuzul Quran

Last nite at the masjid negeri, following the eve of nuzul quran, there was a tazkirah with Ustaz Ismail Kamus after tarawih followed by a qiyamulail session at 4am. i would have loved to have stayed on after the tazkirah but sadly without golfman, it wasnt a viable option.

Yang termampu hanya menghabiskan saki baki malam dengan menghayati al quran. at home, alone, in the privacy of my room.

And i woke up to a glorious morning, alhamdulillah. one not to be wasted. one which i am glad to report i utilised to the fullest lol.

What initially started out as a relaxing 4km run, became 8 and ended as 12!

Yup, it felt so good that surprisingly i completed another 3 loop run round the tasik. and surprisingly it required less effort than my first 12km attempt a couple of weeks ago. i thought i was out thrashing my demons but somehow found peace along the way. rahmat bulan ramadhan i guess, and the run felt easier probably bcos i was a little lighter on my feet.

And i'm not complaining bcos an easier run meant less sweating and thats a good thing when you're fasting with no hope of replenishing any body fluids till the end of the day.  i wasnt thirsty but my lips were dry.  again it must be the effect of ramadhan and years of of training to fight off hunger & thirst.

But guess what subliminal message my mind was sending me when i was shopping at tesco later in the day?

Hehehe.. a major portion of the stuff i loaded in my cart was all kinds of heavenly fluids ;p

Selamat Menyambut Nuzul Quran peeps & Selamat berbuka bersama keluarga <3

Santai 12km run/TSA


June Malik said...

Way to go gf!! Am going out 2 Moro morning for a walk if I can tear myself away from the bed LOL

SuN said...

erkk! erkk! dan erk!! lagi.. 3round tasik? bior bebenor bolan posa tau aunty.ish, malunyeee sayeee ~

Ordinary Superhero said...

Congrats for the continued running during this fasting month. I cant even cycle on my bike trainer!

Justiffa said...

Alaaa juney u know u get up already hehehe ;p

Justiffa said...

Aik..sun ni asyik sendawa pepagi tu ada pape ke ek? kenyang ke angin heheheh?

Slow2 je sun, setakat yg terdaya dik aunty. tp mesti pagi2 kalau idak aunty confirm KO :)

Justiffa said...

Thank u OS tp akak buat pun selagi larat je.

U should try it in the morning la, its usually nice & breezy enough for u to forget u're fasting :D