Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If i could fly

The closest i'd ever get to flying (other than jumping off a 20 storey building lol) is probably when i'm out running on a good day.
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Its hard to describe the feeling.  you're running as usual, huffing & puffing away and suddenly there's this wondrous few seconds when everything falls into place and you just take off,  whoosh!!

It doesnt matter that you're actually plodding along like a penguin.

It doesnt matter that you're heavier than a guni beras (sack of rice).

Doesnt even matter that the people are looking at you funny.

All you know or care is that you feel as free as the wind, as light as the breeze and as blessed as the morning sun.  it doesnt happen too often but when it does, you feel like a million bucks. and one of the perks of running in ramadhan is that i get more of these 'flights of fancy' as i call them lol bcos i'm probably a teeny weeny bit lighter with the fasting ;p

3k round my neighbourhood both yesterday & this morning :D

Ramadhan Snippets.
Every vice in society stems from a lack of self-control. Whether it’s violence, addiction, gambling, infidelity or pre-marital sex – they are all a result of succumbing to desires. When a person does not have the strength in their character to withstand the numerous temptations and tackle his nafs (lower self) to the ground, then he will most definitely become a slave to those desires. As a prisoner of desires, a person feels completely powerless, lacking any ability to help themselves. In the extreme cases, these individuals become depressed, suicidal, bankrupt, imprisoned or in a midst of a scandal.

Since the root of all this evil is the inability to control oneself, then it would be of paramount importance to have training sessions for a whole society in order to strengthen their will power and avoid these destructive pitfalls that adversely affect everyone. Fortunately in the Muslim world there is such a training session during the blessed month of Ramadan. Every Muslim that fasts gets intensive exercise in withstanding many different kinds of temptations. The temptation to eat, drink, have relations or even get angry is overcome every day for a month which prepares us for the many arduous tests we face in life.


June Malik said...

i havent ran a single step since hatyai lah .. but hope to start again soon .. u take care gf and u r doing great ! if our plan menjadi, I think you will be leading me lah LOL

Justiffa said...

Dun be so confident juney, tak tentu lagi bcos i've never done lsd's consistently. ntah bole ntah idak..

Tapi, kita cuba dulu ;p

June Malik said...

heheeh trust me gf , boleh!

SuN said...

sgt2 btoi aunty..especially about the penguin & guni beras. sy penah di situ. malu tolak tepi,kita kasi balun saja :)

Justiffa said...

You really think so juney? (dah mula berangan hehehehe) ;D

Justiffa said...

Sun - jom kita kasi balun ramai2 and start a tsunami :D

Hope you're running well in pisa, cek jgn dok malaih2 nor ;p

Siti Roffini said...

I think I know how you felt during your "flights of fancy". There's a certain calmness and serenity beyond description. I get them, too, very rarely, though. Of course not while running cos I don't run.
Wish I could run like you. Have a nice day.

Justiffa said...

Salam siti. and i'm sure u agree that its such a beautiful feeling :D

btw, u can if u want to u, i mean. I started with just walking round the lake, about 3 month's worth lol :) but whenever i felt ready n able, i just walked a lil bit faster and it went on in that way until i naturally reached a point where walking ended n running began ;D

But the best thing about it tho, u can just stop at briskwalking if u find that u're not comfortable with running, the health benefits are almost the same.

U take care siti :)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Cik Puan Tiffa berlari-lari,
Seorang diri tidak berteman,
Semangatnya kuat dedikasinya tinggi,
Teruskan berjuang saya ucapkan.

Bulan Ramadhan dah kunjung tiba,
Bulan mengejar ibadah dan pahala,
Selamat bersahur selamat berbuka,
Semoga barakah melimpah dariNya.

Justiffa said...

Berlari lari di pagi hari,
Ceria diusap jejari mentari
Wah nik sekarang bertambah hobi,
Kesana sini mengelek D90 ;p

Bulan ramadhan bulan mulia
Menuntut kegigihan serta kesabaran
Semoga nik bersama keluarga
Dicucuri rahmat dilimpahi keberkatan.

Selamat berposa :D

June Malik said...

cannot buat pantun, otak tidur hehe, but yeah just a little note gf, i dont think so, i know so :)

pakmat said...

I am in training, lady..I am in training..puff puff..will let you when I can fly..:)

Justiffa said...

Insyallah juney akan diusahakan ;p

Justiffa said...

Hehehe... good for u pakmat.

And when you do 'fly' i'll be the loudest to cheer you on ;p