Thursday, August 12, 2010

Di awal puasa

Second day of fasting, third nite of tarawih.  AH was able to be home again for iftah and with everyone's agreement, we did our prayers at home with golfman as imam. as usual nicolei was all over the room.. he just loves solat berjemaah lol.

The scene at our home hehehe.

Nico with his own prayer mat lol
 First casualty down while abah was still reciting the doa.
.. but nico is still frisky
Then its everyone 'down on the floor' after witir.
Unconditional love.

Macam2 ada :D

Hope your fasting has been good so far <3


June Malik said...

bestnya pray sesama kat rumah :) and i love the last pic , so loveable !

xplorer said...


Justiffa said...

Hopefully this weekend u'll get to see ur nana & can osso be praying togeder-geder ;D

Tu la kan, geram je ngan nico tu lol

Justiffa said...

Tq xplorer, we think so too :D

But i think its time to 'inai' him again sbb dah nampak grey je.. kira rambut raya la hehehe. tp mesti dia lari sebatu bila nampak akak pegang basin & henna tube tu!!

June Malik said...

hahaha, can imagine the kecoh-ness bila nak inai dia LOL