Sunday, August 8, 2010

Breaking thru

I usually have so much on my hands that i seldom venture out of my comfort zone. spread myself too thin and i might just disappear so i'm very careful with over committing. a wrong move and everything would grind to a complete halt. like it or not the family depends on me to keep my act together.

I have to be very careful not to get 'too' sick.  or injure any limb. or worse still break any bone.

So i end up being your proverbial katak bawah tempurung lol.. i keep to myself & stay well within my boundaries.

Except on rare occasions, the once-in-a-blue-moon kind :D

No one was more surprised than me when i suddenly decided to go for my 3rd loop (12km) round the tasik.  i've been running for close to 6 years now and never have i even once, had the inclination of breaking the 2 loop barrier (8km) i'd set on myself.  cukup2 la kan, its not like i run for races or anything lol.

But the thought of my running buddies juney & azza huffing & puffing away in sunny hatyai kinda spurred me on lol and before i knew it, there i was into my 3rd loop :p  such is the power of motivation heheheh.

So, i braved the unknown (cewah drama skit ekekekeh) & ventured out of my comfort zone.

And no, i did not suffer a gruesome fate ;p

Just a sharp pain on the underside of my forefoot towards the last km.  maybe its the adizero. maybe i actually need the cushioning towards the front of my shoes. dunno. need to experiment summore.

Turned out to be a weekend with everyone going for their own 'thang' (just ask golfman & cikgu lol). a last fling perhaps before we settle down to the business of  embracing Ramadhan

Hope yours was as enjoyable as mine and i leave you with some recent pics of nicolei.

Lording over his domain but..

 ..looks like miso the young upstart is having other ideas lol.

Finding every chance to be with missy's things

 ..his way of dealing with her absence i guess.

Weekend Log
Sat - 12k/TSA followed by 60 mins med-impact/NRG
Sun - 60 mins high impact/DSA followed by 4k/TSA


Aznin said...

Nicolei is gorgeous!

Justiffa said...

Thank u aznin, mmg nicolei buahati kitorang :D he's almost 6 or 7(akak tak ingat, kena check ish ish) and in cat years that makes him middle age kot, we're hoping he wont be going thru midlife crisis of any sort hehehe.

June Malik said...

heheeh looks like u do secret (well not so secret lah if u tell her kan?) training?? congrats gf, see I told you sure bole punya .. u r ready for your half M lah :) what was ur timing lah? sure smoke me giler LOL .. have fun and yeah after fasting go for that extra loop again , hopefully with me :)

Justiffa said...

Me secretly training? hua2 hua2..mane ada la gf, just testing me ole legs if still got enough juice for longer distance :D dunno la if can or not, but for sure i'm gonna take a loooooooong time doing it hehehe ;p

And stop it with the smokin' oredi, me osso snail pace la gf.

June Malik said...

heeh ok no smoking jokes but u underestimate your strength heeh .. nanti sms me ur timing, am doing a chart nie heheh u know why lah lol

Justiffa said...

oops me forgot about the 'its not distance but time on the feet' approach that azza was telling me that time we met, sori. I didnt take the time la gf :(

June Malik said...

heeh no prob, there will be lots of runs coming kan? heheeh .. miss u lah <3