Sunday, March 1, 2009

Parting of Ways

.. for the industrious trio who managed to pack in so much mileage into such a short trip, it was time to part ways and head off to their own, respective destinations.

For two of them it's back to the comfort of our 'tanah tumpah darah' but for golfman, its onwards to ashgabat (where he'll probably be drowned in paperwork from his month long absence, poor dude).

*sigh* i miss my man :(

But moving on.. AH had an outing to sunway and i decided to tag along. nope, i wasnt dense enough to follow her around like a sick puppy and spoil her date (even though the female bonding session we had yesterday was really fun - we must do it again daro!); once there, we went our separate ways. i really needed to get a few things and the mindless meandering sorta helped soothe my troubled soul.

Workout Log
AM - Aerobics/ med-fast pace/50 mins

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