Friday, March 6, 2009

One after another

.... and its talcum powder now is it?


That truly is a problem... bcos AH & me, we both use talcum powder like nobody's business. Its usually just johnson's baby powder.. and we'd always thought that by keeping to baby products we'd be quite safe. i mean whatever's good for the precious little ones should be fine for everybody else right?

But now its wrong.

As usual for more info, i googled and came up with this (many thanks to Paris B)..

What is talcum powder?
Talcum powder is a powder made of ground
talc and silicates. Its properties are essentially that of moisture absorption and prevents friction which is why it is used most commonly for babies to prevent nappy rash. You might also spot talc being used in some women’s powder cosmetics like body powder, loose powder or powder foundation or even in some mineral foundation. Whilst mineral makeup purists reject the inclusion of talc in foundation, talc is in fact a mineral so technically it can be included as mineral makeup.

Can Talcum Powder cause Cancer?
Whilst research has been carried out into the link between talcum powder and cancer, the results are quite inconclusive as to whether talcum powder can cause cancer. However, the most
recent research into the link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer has suggested that using talcum powder in the pelvic area may increase the risks of getting ovarian cancer. Apparently the tiny particles can travel through the genital area to the ovaries and cause an inflammation which may cause cancer cells to flourish.

It is pertinent to note that this warning against talcum powder applies mainly to those who use talcum powder around their genitals (source and source):-

The findings, published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, apply only to talcum powder used around the private parts, not on the rest of the body. Experts from Harvard Medical School in Boston studied more than 3,000 women and found using talc merely once a week raised the risk of ovarian cancer by 36 per cent, rising to 41 per cent for those applying powder every day.

This serves as a warning for those who use talcum powder around their genital area and for those with babies, to avoid the use of talcum powder on baby girls (I don’t know how it affects boys) especially in their genital area. For those who use talcum powder on other parts of the body, there has been no conclusive chain of causation found between the use of talc or talcum powder and cancer or ovarian cancer.

What are the alternatives to talcum powder?
If you are worried about how talc or talcum powder can affect you or your family, you might want to consider the alternatives available. Cornstarch is a well known moisture absorber and can be used in its pure form in place of talcum powder. There are also many talc-free powders available in the market where the main ingredient is corn starch or rice powder. For babies, you could consider creams or cornstarch which is found in many Asian kitchens. Locally in Malaysia, you might also want to consider using the traditional “bedak sejuk” or rice powder which has cooling properties, especially for irritated skin. I used to use it while growing up.

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Sooo.... bedak sejuk anyone? hehehehe my hubs probably wouldnt even touch me with a ten-foot pole ;)

Abe - guess who suddenly turned up at our doorstep? the one who told me not half an hour earlier that he was drowning with work and wouldnt be back.. the one who can deliver a one-liner with a straight face... the one who, like you, just looooove pulling my leg till i sometimes stumble. who? azizra the putih version la who else? my other darlings are not so evil la eheheh ;D

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