Monday, March 30, 2009

From the desk of..

... justiffa, where you'll find files, documents and plans galore!!

(hehehe.. messy aint it?! but go to any QS office and you'll probably see more of the same)

Just a little hello before i leave for a site visit :)

And its a good thing i'm hitching a ride with the Bangunan people. sadly my road-tax expired yesterday and while i get it all settled, yours truly will be driving around cuak out of her wits!! you know how it is when you're fully aware that you're a traffic offender right? something usually happens... unlike those times when you merrily go your way, blissfully unaware of your 'dead' driving license or roadtax. its like we're somehow protected by our very innocence.

Apo nak dikato, cempodak menjadi nangko. i'll just have to watch it i guess.

Ooh... btw, did i mention that golfman is back?

*sengehan yang mengalahkan even a cheshire cat ekekeh*

Abe - Вот моё сердце. Оно полно любви. / Vot moe serce. Ono polno lubvi.
(translation: Here is my heart. It is full of love).

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