Sunday, March 8, 2009


.. for SMKS9 usually means a bright sunny morning spent at the matsushita stadium.

After almost 5 years of the same old same old i guess you could say i was a veteran. even though AI was usually the one actively involved (he wasnt sporty but he loved taking part in the parade) i still make a point to attend just to show parental support.

This will actually be my last year and in a way, its a sad thought. just another reminder that the children are all grown up now. yup, AH is already a senior and after spm, high school will be all over.

But for now, AH is the AJK F5 for her house and although there seem to be some kind of power struggle going on within the committee, she's still involved in certain preparations. with bf in tow she was promptly there at 7.30am. when i arrived with AI (after my usual sunday aerobics) she was directly under the blazing sun at the lower end of the grandstand.

Now the best thing about sportsday is the yelling and screaming that goes on in the name of declaring your allegiance hehehe.

And of course i also enjoy seeing the kids run their heart out... i love the whole mechanism of motion.

It was a hot day, but little did we realise that it really was hotter than usual. so hot in fact that by late afternoon, AH came down with high fever... she probably had a heatstroke from the terrible blaze of the sun.

Who would have thought eh?

Workout Log
AM - Aerobics/50 mins fast-med pace/DSA


Anonymous said...

JT you have to tell me how you lost 7 kg! I think that's amazing lah. 7 kg if you're in the 70's or 80's is nothing much, but down to 50's means you've been working hard! I seriously need to lose 10!

Justiffa said...

Haza - i'm not lying when i say i didnt really do much, at least not in the way that you're thinking. i've only recently started running consistently again tp tu pun just 4k. it's probly something to do with my fluctuating hormones kot... use to be my appetite was beyond healthy, kambing sekor pun rasa mcm bole habis je hehehe tp lately, kekadang tu tak brape nak lalu makan.

So i guess input is still a big factor in losing weight... quantity as well as choice of food. i've sorta become a rather picky eater.

Sorry cant be of much help... i really cant think of anything else.

Justiffa said...

Oh one more thing, i've cut down my intake of coffee (which gives me a headache anyway.. but i soooo love the aroma) and tea (silap2 jd kembong je hehehe) and drinking lots of fruit juice instead. its refreshing and helps a lot during the times that i feel nauseous (back to the hormone thingy).

Dah tua la haza, mcm2 ;)