Friday, March 27, 2009


.. is the state you need to be in when you are missing your beloved.

Yup, you need to keep busy so that the pain of being separated becomes almost bearable. for all you young people out there (especially those who seem to find kissing or any other sign of affection between aged people gross; my own children included), take note that love doesnt grow any less just because you've packed in a couple (ok ok more than a couple) of years. it might be mellower in nature (the passion comes and goes as it pleases lol) but rest assured, the fire is still there.. somewhere ;)

So dont be surprised at the extent of angau-ness that old people still go through.

Ok, back to keeping bz.

It helps that you also have a new boss who insists that all work should've been completed 'yesterday'.

And that you're substituting almost all of your blogging time sneaking a chat on gmail/google talk with the said beloved ;)

Sorry dear blog of mine, i have indeed been more than a little 'pre-occupied' hehehe!!

Workout Log
AM - 4k/27mins/TSA
- yay i managed to shave off 5 mins from yesterday's lethargic run.

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