Saturday, March 28, 2009

You & me

... and then there was three :)

AF 1985.. after corrective heart surgery (VSD)

AF 2008 - bersantai di Bandung

HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY my darling... semoga sejahtera & bahagia dunia akhirat!!

Aie - darling mama, we've certainly come a loong looooong way :D
Abe - welcome home moya lubhov!!
AI - so sorry la yang about all the 'tak menjadi plans' but abah has to come first aight?!
AH - ok pe chloe tu ;p


arin said...

Panjang umurnya~~
Panjang umurnya~~
Panjang umurnya serta mulia~~
Serta mulia~~
Serta mulia~~~

Panjang Umur Ahmad Faiz

Justiffa said...

Hehehe..hi arin :) aunty second that most heartily!!

Eh kata nk balik?

Your Average Mat said...

Cute, tak sangka photo tu photo faiz 1985.

Happy birthday Faiz! have to follow him on twitter now. hehe..

Justiffa said...

Dear YAM (eh ur initials jadi mcm nama cek mek kelate pulak ekekeh).. babies mmg cute tp faiz now pun 'cute mute' gak kan hehehe.

Pakai twitter? alahai org zaman skrg.. whatever happen to good ole face-to-face ;)