Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kick Boxing

.... and skinny little missies dont mix, right?


A week ago AH surprised everyone by announcing that she will be participating in a kick-boxing demonstration at the Karnival Rakyat to be held this very day. You should have seen the various jaw-dropping pose that the announcement ellicited lol.

My baby!!

Yang baru masuk kick-boxing sebulan.. yang baru belajor tumbuk2 and sepak2 a couple of times.. yang belum pun dapat her KB uniform lagi!!

And she did come home from yesterday's practice swathed in her size 4 uniform, looking even more kenit than ever hehehe... and quite resigned to the fact that she would be appearing on stage with only her partner in tow (also another newbie). it was going to be just the two of them out there alone (the other duo pulled out, the chickens).


I am extremely happy to report that AH and her friend did us all proud by punching & kicking the way they were supposed to, siap bouncing2 lagi macam the legendary muhammad ali (albeit dengan penuh gemalainya) and it really looked like they were having fun.

Way to go girls :)

Just give them some time and they'll surely be kicking some sorry butts after this!!

And echa hanis, we love you to bits... mwaaahhhh3.

Workout Log
AM - 45 mins aerobics/medium pace/DSA

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