Monday, March 16, 2009

Keeping up

... with a pace other than your own can be quite exhausting, especially when you're a makcik who also happen to have a lot on her mind these days.

My new boss plays a merry lil tune and it really shouldnt be that much of a problem accept that most of us here have gotten used to (even tho against our will initially) the waltzy pace of my former boss (she was a study in lemah gemalai).. and having to suddenly switch to a superfast foxtrot just takes my breath away, literally!! nope, not even the term lipas kudung would be doing my new boss justice!! suffice to say i might be needing 'em rollerblades those people at tesco are using pretty soon.

So blogging has been spasmodic. no breather at the office and the ancient laptop i'm using at home have finally decided that enough is enough and isnt responding to any of my cajoling... it remains rather unpredictable & unstable (hmmm macam 'tuan' dia plak).

If theres any good that can be gotten from this chaos, then maybe its the kgs that i'm shedding like the leaves in autumn... or maybe my clothes have expanded ;)


Its a time of adjustment and regaining equilibrium.... all around.

Abe - Я верю в тебя Ya veryu v tebya!!
AI - Pls understand that speed isnt something one messes around with.. respect what speed can do and treat it accordingly.
AF - Congratulations on finishing ur thesis without dishing out too much 'drama' ekekeh.
AH - Alhamdulillah my darling, i'm so so relieved about the negative results of the bloodtest. 1000 syukur!!

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