Saturday, March 7, 2009


.. something that i seem to be doing a lot of lately lol.

Golfman tells me he and his 'band of brothers' (men who had left their wives behind) have plans of climbing a 'batu-caves-like' hill in ashgabat this morning and since he'll be covering a distance of about 8km, i thought i'd match it with an 8k run of my own.

It started well... i was feeling pretty good, refreshed and light on my feet. but as i was nearing the laman budaya stretch (after about 2k) i started hearing loud music; the up-beat kind that usually means only one thing... could it possibly be? naaah cant be, its saturday but, its so so... so aerobic like!!!! hehehe and true enough, lo & behold, out of nowhere it was an aerobic session in progress!! and upon further investigation (read: menyibuk muka tak malu), it turned out to be a pkns organized, open-to-all, free session!

So without wasting any time yours truly jumped right into the moves (the instructor was familiar), her 8k temporarily forgotten.

3o mins later and a little less spunky than previously, i continued on with my quest but instead of 8, i settled for just 5k.. didnt really feel like pushing myself.

Turns out, golfman had to cancel his outing and didnt do his 8k either ;)


Plans are after all just plans. it becomes a reality only after execution.

Workout Log
AM - 5k/did away with the time lol/TSA
AM - 30 mins moderate aerobics

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