Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flat feet

.. is when you're feeling flat on your feet hehehe!!

I havent been running lately. baru je nak get back into regular motion, god presents me with the unresistable opportunity of snuggling in the mornings.. and how can i turn my back on such rare & precious moments?!

Sooo... even though i'm feeling extremely light of heart, i'm starting to feel pretty heavy on my feet. Since theres not a chance in hell i'm going to forego my sleep-ins, i need to come up with plan B and that would mean either running right after work (omg the heat!!) or after dinner (golfman's not going to like that one bit lol).



It'll sort itself out... when theres a will, theres a way :)

(i hope so anyway)

Oh and btw, did anyone turn out a fool today?

AF - abah's been asking about you so you better haul your ass home tomorrow k :)
AI - sayang mama ni mcm mana lak sampai bole kena saman? ish ish.. pls be more mindful of consequences la yang.
AH - i'm not trying to be a pain in u know where but getting a krs uniform at this point in time seems pretty wasteful.
Abe - GANBATTE dearest :D


dudae_simboyo said...


don't tell me, he's golfing today!!!???!!!


Justiffa said...

DS - today as in saturday you mean? nope, much to his dismay dia tak main... its pre-F1 fever and the heat's on babe ;) dia kena layan corporate client mane ntah so there was cocktail sat nite and the race on sunday.

Apa nak buat... balik pun bz je :(

Dont tell me, u missing ur makan2 partner ek!!?!!

aranam said...

Sabar ye Kak... :)

Justiffa said...

Aranam - insyallah selagi terdaya.. and thank u :)