Friday, April 17, 2009


... its FULL HOUSE this weekend!!

Yup, both the boys decided to head home... seems that AF's gf will be reading her poems at mph tomorrow and they're back to provide a little moral support :)

I'm just happy they're all home.

Extremely happy :)

There's a couple of loose ends that can be attended to with them around... heading the list is of course AI's botak tyres and Abe's phone upgrade, something that only mr. gadget man himself can settle hehehe.

Kesian abah la aie, dah lama dia dok tunggu tau!!

AH as usual is keeping busy... on top of her tuition, music, scriptwriting, kickboxing and whatever else, she's also out bowling with her teachers under the mentor/mentee programme. hmmm, bowling? i wonder how thats supposed to work?!!

Apapun, my cup runneth over :D

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